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Escape Music

Tom Galley has been the driving force behind the Phenomena project since it started back in the mid-80's. The fourth album gets released via Escape Music next Feb, meanwhile over to Tom Galley...

1. What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.)

I am still recovering from an accident I had in July 2005 where I fractured my back but hopefully we start the pre-production of a new album as yet untitled in the new year which will be released around October 2006

2. Could you take us through the ideas behind the songs on the excellent new album ‘Psycho Fantasy’?

Without going into a synopsis on each individual track as a whole the album started with a darker concept than I have used previously and was a reflection of my state of mind at the time of writing. During the pre-production and recording of the album more diverse and lighter elements came into play, which resulted in three tracks being left off the album because of their potential controversial content, but gave the album a more balanced feel. I like to think that the listener will interpret the tracks in their own way and enjoy them more for that reason.

3. Again you have some top draw vocalists including Glenn Hughes and Keith Murrell. How did you get Keith Murrell involved? (Last time I heard news on him he was a backing singer for Cliff Richard!)

As you know Keith was the vocalist on Phenomena 3 and we have kept in touch since then and yes he still works with Cliff! Actually Keith was in line to take over the lead vocals with foreigner but that’s another story.

I have also used some unknown up and coming musicians on the album and have tried to capture the enthusiasm and energy in their playing. I have known Tony Martin from his Sabbath days and have always wanted the opportunity to work with him. J.J. Marsh as you may know is Glenn Hughes’ guitarist and Glenn recommended him and what a great player and really nice guy.

4. Ho did you hook-up with Escape Music? Any future plans to make the other Phenomena albums available through Escape given that they do excellent re-issue packages?

The reason I signed to Escape was because of Khalil this gentlemen believes and this is so hard to find in the record business today.

If I can clear certain legal problems hopefully the back catalogue will be available in 2006

5. Any plans to take Phenomena into the live arena say for a one-off live DVD show recording?

I would love to do this and there have always been plans for a tour since around 1990 but finding a promoter with the foresight and imagination has proved difficult.

6. Were you disappointed at the lack of success and distribution of the third Phenomena album?

Yes! after Phenomena 3 I had problems with my manager and subsequently with Parachute Music who had acquired the back catalogue. But even with these problems and setbacks the album sold quite well.

7. Looking back which song(s) are you most proud of and why? Is there any one song that sums up Phenomena for you?

I am proud of most of the songs but the tracks on Phenomena 1 are the closest to my heart mainly because of the great artists I got to work with and you always remember the first one. “Believe” is probably the track I most associate with but “Stop” on Phenomena 2 runs a close second because of Ray Gillan one of the most underrated rock singers ever.

I wish he were around today as he would be welcome sing on any of my albums.

8. What have been the highlights/lowlights of your career to date?

Hopefully the biggest highlights are yet to come! The lows were after Phenomena 3. I lost faith in the music industry and experienced some health problems that saw me in and out of hospital for quite a while. Then this year 2005 I suffered a nasty accident which left me with a fractured back but fortuitously during this time I found a good partner in Khalil Turk from Escape Music and hopefully this heralds the dawn of a successful new era.

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I like watching all sport and listening to a wide and varied selection of music but my passion is films of every genre new, old and black and white I like to visit the modern multiplex cinemas on a regular basis for that all encompassing experience.

10. Message to your fans...

I hope you all enjoy the new album and the subsequent release in Oct 2006. A big thanks for all the support I have received via the website and thanks to all of you who have stayed in touch. Tom Galley

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DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND ‘Synchestra’ Inside Out

Inside Out

The biog accompanying this release stated that Devin Townsend couldn’t have made this album if he hadn’t done the last Strapping Young Lad album and boy am I glad he did! Whist not a fan of Strapping Young Lad I love the DTB albums and this follow-up to the superb ‘Accelerated Evolution’ is simply stunning. It is not as accessible as the previous DTB album but overall it is more rewarding as the soundscapes contained within this released are truly out of this world. Starting with a gentle piece you are lulled into a false sense of security (there are even the sounds of birds singing!) before a quick tap of the conductor’s baton and we are off into swirling guitars and speed metal drumming. ‘Triumph’ is a stand out and features one of Townsend’s past accomplices in the shape of Steve Vai. Needless to say Vai rips it up on the old fret board. The lyrics on this track are very personal as well dealing with Townsend’s bipolarism. The array of musical styles on here is never ending from a metal edged polka on ‘Vampolka’ to the lullaby ‘Babysong’. The production as ever is faultless with the orchestrated guitar riffing present throughout.

Another superb and rewarding release from Devin Townsend that gives up new delights on each listen. This is certainly his most progressive release so far and will easily feature in ‘Best Of’ polls come the end of the year.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Rising Stars - LINE OF FIRE

Line of Fire are US based melodic rockerswho have been gaining some rave reviews. If bands like Def Leppard, Journey et al are your thing then read on...

What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.)

- We are gearing up to rehearse for live shows in 2006 as well as sketching out CD ..2. We're waiting out the Holidays and will begin right after New Year's. We can't wait!

Brief history of how you got into the music business and the style of music you play…

- We've all been in bands for over 20 years now and have seen different levels of national and international success. We started LINE OF FIRE in 2003 with the intention of playing Melodic Hard Rock ala Journey, Def Leppard, Boston, TNT, etc. We wanted big, layered chorus vocals, soaring melodies and huge guitars!! We made the kind of music we wanted to hear and that we would go out and buy ourselves and we're thrilled to finally have it out for people to enjoy!

Could you take us through the album and some personal highlights/stories behind the songs on your new album?

- One thing we're all about is Positive Influence. We don't want to tear anyone down or be just one more depressing thing in a world that already has enough burdens. We want people to walk away from our music feeling good about themselves and thier lives. Songs like "Faith In Fire" & "Live & Let Go" exempliy that. Then there are the "love songs", be it new love, lost love, or unfailing love.
Songs like "Paradise", "Remind Me", "Can't You See" and "Time To Say Goodbye" reflect just human relationships in life and love. We also like to have a look inward a bit, so songs like "Salvation's Edge"
and "Falling Down" turn the focus inward on ourselves, who, what, and why we are who we are and where we're going. So, as I usually end up saying, day to day Faith, Hope and Love sums up the lyrical direction of the band.

How do you hope to get heard above all the other bands and singers vying for attention out there?

- It's all about word of mouth. We're on MySpace and we've amassed a good amount of attention for ourselves. We've also hit all the available avenues for our kind of music and have received a TON of positive, if not glowing, feedback. We're not out to be famous rock stars. We simply want to take our music to people. We feel no need to scream louder than the next guy just to be seen. We rely on the people we manage to attract to tell thier friends and so far its been working out very well. We'd rather build slowly than burn out quickly. We feel that, this way, you attract people who sincerely like what you do and not simply random people who have little to no interest in what you do.

How do you view the current live scene in the US as regards new bands getting exposure?

- It all depends on the style. The trendy bands get the breaks quicker, but the sincere bands will be around longer. Not knocking trendy bands because many of them are very sincere and will continue thier style even after it fades from popularity. But the more "current" something sounds, or the more they sound like someone else who is currently selling tons of records, the better chance they have of some "now" exposure.

Some bands, I feel, play too much. They overexpose themselves in a small area and ultimately burn out and make thier audience less excited about seeing them becuase they just saw them last week and can see them again next week. We feel there should be at least a 6 week cycle for returning to the same area...make your gigs special.

How has the Internet helped spread the word about the band? Do you think downloading is helping or killing music?

- Downloading itself is helping music, but killing the CD industry.
It allows people to test drive music, which is good in this age of having a band on every street corner. But, it also lets people know which CD's to NOT spend thier money on. I think ALL artists/bands should have at least 3 or 4 full songs that they feel is somewhat representative of thier overall sound available to hear on the with MySpace. If fans could go online, hear entire songs (not just 30 second clips), and have the option to buy the music, it would be infinitely better than villifying the fans for wanting to hear the music before they buy it. It hurts the CD industry because thier goal is to sell CD's, not establish musicians or artists. When the fans can test drive, they filter out the garbage (which is well over half of what the major label CD industry
produces) and spend thier money on music they like.

Now, there are people who seem to think music is a right or that music is owed to them in some way. They feel like they should get it all for free and they, IMO, are not deserving of the privelidge of having good music to listen to. It costs money to record and produce music so why they think it should be completely free to them is beyond me.

The internet has helped LINE OF FIRE tremendously! We have 4 songs, in thier entirety, on MySpace and we have received a lot of attention for them. We nearly sold out the first pressing of the CD in 3 weeks. Once we begin playing live, it can do nothing but grow.
People hear about us on the internet, and either contact us directly or visit our MySpace page and all of a sudden there are literally thousands of people listening to our songs! The ones that like it enough to drop thier hard-earned money on it tell thier friends and that causes a ripple effect. Good old fashioned word-of-mouth.

What bands/artists do you admire and/or are an influence?

- For the band, we all admire greatly and are influenced by bands like Journey, Def Leppard, Boston, Firehouse, TNT, Toto, Dokken and tons of others. Personally, I'm a huge fan of King's X as well as other bands/artists like Harem Scarem, Bon Jovi, and of course Journey. Between us, we have literally thousands of CD's ranging from jazz to death metal so, we're all over the place.

What have been the highlight(s) and lowpoint(s) of your career to date?

- Highlight has been all the wonderful people all over the world who have dropped us a line to tell us how much they like our CD, or how much they love certain songs or how certain songs have helped them through hard times in thier lives...nothing can top that. The only low point I can think of is taking nearly 2 years to get the CD recorded and released...but even that was a blessing in disguise because we're just now getting to a point in our personal lives where we can give it the attention it needs and support it live. Had it come out when we originally intended, we may not be on the path we're on now.

What ideally would you like to achieve by this time next year?

- TONS of gigs under our belts and well on our way to finishing the second CD and on the 3rd pressing of the first one.

What's the most rock `n' roll moment you have had so far?

- Probably having a couple of people I don't know ask me to sign thier CD for them. That's always pretty cool.

What CD's do you currently have available and where can they be purchased from?

- We currently have our debut CD, simply titled "Line Of Fire"
available. It can be purchased from,,, you can download it (legally) from, or you can get it directly from our label at If you go to Line of Fire you can hear 3 full songs and if you go to Tribunal Records you can download one full you get to check it out first.

Message to your fans...

- Our sincerest thanks and heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has taken time out of thier lives to read this interview, check us out online, drop us a line, or buy our CD! We love you for it and we'll never forget! Happy Holidays to everyone!

RITUAL ‘Live’ Inside Out


Swedish progressive folk music maybe a limited genre but Ritual are certainly masters of it! This double live CD was recorded at various venues during 2004. Ritual’s music is certainly eclectic but all the more stronger and appealing for it. In vocalist Patrik Lundstrom (he also fronts Kaipa) they have a real gem, who performs some vocal wonders on the epic ‘Seasong of the Moomin Papa’ and one of their best songs ‘What Are You Waiting For’ – just marvel at the vocals and musical arrangements on this one. There is a superb acoustic folk medley, whilst ‘Explosive Paste’ sees the ban in full prog rock mode. The whole band have musical class and for someone who is not usually a fan of live albums I thoroughly enjoyed this one!

I could go on and on about this wonderful and very underrated band but I won’t suffice to say garb a listen to this and enjoy the marvellous music contained on it.

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SHY 'Reflections - The Anthology 1983-2005'

Sanctuary (2005)

This double CD covers UK melodic rockers Shy in all their glory. I first heard of the abnd via the 'Brave The Storm' which I got in my school days and remember the free t-shirt that came with the album. That album is a classic and songs like 'Hold On (To Your Love)' (the keys and swirling guitar intro are spine tingling it has to said) and that title track still sound superb today. The follow-up 'Excess All Areas' gets a fair few tracks included on here including the ultra ctachy 'Emergency' and 'Break Down the Walls' - melodic rock as it should be done. The debut album tracks sound dated to be honest and I was personally never a big fan of that album.
You get demo versions of tracks that eventually appeared on 'Mispent Youth' and they rock harder than the album versions that's for sure especially 'Give It All You Got'. Sadly the Wardi fronted Shy album get two tracks on here - sounds like a poor man's Motley Crue. Sorry don't like that man's 'vocals' at all. Bringing it up to date are two tracks each of the band's last two albums, 2002's 'Unfinished Business' (including the rifftastic 'Breakaway')and this year's rather excellent 'Sunset & Vine'.
For those yet to discover the treats of Shy you are lucky people and go get this CD pronot. For long tiome fans like myself it is great to hear the classics all in one place. Along with FM and Thunder, the best melodic hard rock bnad the UK has produced.



Composer/singer John Young has been steadily building a loyal
following for his solo/band work as well as playing with big names
like the Scorpions, Bonnie Tyler and Greenslade.

1. What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.)

Well just finished 2 solo CD's (both instrumental) one is smooth
jazz based mostly around jazz piano (rhodes) type sounds and the
other is an Indian vocal CD where I took samples of Indian vocals
and put my own music underneath the voices.I'm also composing songs
for the first studio
CD of the John young Band. Touring wise I've just got back from
working with Scorpions again and the Pyramids show was a real blast.
I have a 13 date solo tour of Germany and Switzerland pencilled in
for late March early April and I'm sure many other shows will start
to appear over the coming weeks as we gradually get the festivities
out of the way.

2. Bonnie Tyler – You've been a mainstay of her band for awhile now.
How did you get the gig and what have been the highlights so far?

I wasn't really the first choice for BT and about 10 players went
for the gig. I found that some of the Steinman stuff was quite
difficult and in order to learn Faster than the Speed of night
properly (and keep it in time) I learnt the riff with both hands.
This impressed the band and I think it sealed the in a way
I was quite lucky. I got on great with BT and the band and we've
been together now for about 12 years.
Highlights have been many from 5 weeks in Barbados (with just 4
shows) to the DonauFest where we were headlining and played to over
150,000 people. It's always good fun and after all these years a bit
like working with your family!

3. How do you view the current music scene? Has the evolution of
downloading and the wide use of the Internet helped spread the word
more about your music?

I think Music is going through a crisis at the moment and I don't
think downloads are harming the business ...quite the reverse. The
one thing that worries me slightly is the lack of respect for our
art at all levels.
I have a friend who's an artist and as such his prints sell for 3-
500 pounds a time. Sadly music on the other hand has become a
throwaway culture and although downloads don't help it's not their
The music business is one of the few industries where you do not
need to know anything about the product 'music' to be involved.
If you went for a heart operation and a young 16 year old girl came
in and declared she was going to do the operation although she knew
nothing about surgery but of course she was a good'd
feel a mite worried methinks.
This of course doesn't happen so why do we let it happen in music.
Fashion has nothing to do with real is an aural
experience ...something that should feel wonderful with your eyes
either open or closed!.
As such record companies, radio , TV etc are not helping.
The problem lies in education we've spent so long in this rut that
banality is now the norm as such very few people in a position of
power have the ability to tell the difference between pointless
rubbish and the sublime and those that do are to too quick to hide
their real thoughts in favour of the company line.
So we are left with people looking for quick short term fixes in a
world desperate for someone to plant the seeds for the long term
with beautiful music and poignant lyrics.I think it's doubtful that
this will come from the regular pop diva's and as such this is where
the download can score.
The industry probably gives us about 20% of what's out there ...but
it tells us it's 100% and many folk believe this.Where hope springs
eternal is when someone actively seeks out new music and this can
generally be found through websites and downloading and as a result
this can (over time ) change things. It was lovely to see so many
young people at the recent Focus shows (now they are sublime and
should be on everyone's learning curriculum!) and I'm sure the
internet had it's part to play in this.
As I said some time ago we need a website that can tell us all about
the things we don't know we are looking for:-)))))
sorry for the long winded answer!

5. Greenslade are back on the road. Are there any plans for a new
album and how was the live set released on Angel Air received?

The live CD I thought worked really well and as such is a bit of a
hidden gem.I think it was probably hampered by the previous CD Large
Afternoon which to be honest I felt was rushed and didn't show the
band in it's true light espcially as a drum machine was used which
for me went against the grain of the band. I saw Dave recently with
Colloseum who were superb and I think he is genuinely suprised that
Greenslade have not received a similar response. I know of no plans
for the boys at the moment...but it may well be a case of never say

6. Which of your songs(s) recorded by other artists are you most
proud of and why?

That's a good question. I think Crime of Passion by John Wetton from
the Battlelines CD would have to be my favourite todate. I was
always a big fan of John's work long before I worked with him and to
be on that CD in such exalted songwriting company was a great
John also did a great job and I think that album should be up there
with all the great Asia CD's and had it not been for various record
company upheavals I think it may well have acheived that.

7. What have been the most memorable gigs and why?

That's a harder question. Things change over the first
ever gig took a year to prepare for (at a pub in Liverpool) and was
pretty awaful but it was a milestone. I guess from there the old
gigs at the moonstone in Liverpool with the jazz rock band England's
National Sport. Uli Jon Roth Hammersmith Odeon and Milwaukee
Summerfest. Roy Wood big band NEC (with George Harrison et al) ,The
fact that Cathedral never did a gig! (What a waste!). Save the roof
at a church hall in Reading with Wishbone Ash, Jimmy Page ,Patrick
Moraz, Ringo Starr and various other luminaries. The Bowl Milton
Keynes with Paul Rodgers. Donau Fest (and many more) with Bonnie
Tyler, The Far East tour and the Pyramids with The Scorpions and
every single gig I've ever done with the JYB!!

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

And so the Aliens landed and the leaders asked them what religion
were they?
'What's Religion?' replied the Aliens
(Same answer only substitute the words spare time:-)))

10. Message to your fans...

I love both of you:-)
...and for those of you who might wish to join please feel free to
visit our downloads in the songs
section at (we'd love to welcome you
spread the word,peace and all the best for 2006

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More Best of 2005's

1) What are you doing musically at the moment (current projects etc)?

Contributing to the next edition of Record Collector's Rare Record Price Guide. And enjoying reviewing whatever CDs/DVDs/gigs (and Interviews) are thrown in my direction - keep'em coming.

2) What were your main personal achievement(s) in 2005?

Finding a wonderful girlfriend

3) Any disappointments?

Being dumped twice this year. By the two most wonderful girls I've ever met.

4) What were your own favourite albums, films and/or books of 2005 and why?

Molly Hatchet - new Live DVD. Fantastic live band and one of the best southern rock bands around.
And the reissue of Peter Frampton's Breaking All The Rules. His greatest moment.

Highlights were definitely gigs by Saxon, Girlschool and Dio. GMT too.

5) What are you planning musically in 2006? (For non-musos - Which releases/gigs are you looking forward to next year?)

I look forward to whatever I do.
Releases - has to be the new GMT album.

6) In an ideal world which band(s) would you like to see back and touring next year?

Saxon, Girlschool, Dio (all on evidence of performances this year), Nazareth, Molly Hatchet.

Paul Logue (CRY HAVOC) –

1) What are you doing musically at the moment (current projects etc)?

Well, I'm recording bass and guitar parts for David Readman from Pink Cream 69's solo album right now in fact, until this email arrived and rudely interrupted me ;-) I've written three songs for the record and am recording the final bass lines and some rhythm guitar parts in my home studio.

Also just finishing the demos for the 2nd Cry Havoc "Caught In A Lie". We have 17 songs. Stevie is just finishing some guitar parts at home and our new guitarist Simon has a solo or two to nail before we send to the label. Sounding ace!!!

2) What were your main personal achievement(s) in 2005?

Getting our album out in Japan! Becoming an uncle for the first time and getting David Readman to sing on my songs!

3) Any disappointments?

Happily none to report!

4) What were your own favourite albums, films and/or books of 2005 and why?

Albums ... Refuel of course, new Jaded Heart, The Mob, Place Vendome were good. Films, gotta be the Lord of The Rings and books well Dan Brown wins hands down for me!

5) What are you planning musically in 2006? (For non-musos Which releases/gigs are you looking forward to next year?)

David Readman solo album, Cry Havoc "Caught In A Lie" and an as yet un-named project with Mr Readman which has 12 songs written and waiting to go, albeit I suspect that will be AFTER the next PC69 record.

6) In an ideal world which band(s) would you like to see back and touring next year?

Cry Havoc :-) Winger will do!!!

The legendary Batttttty –
1) What are you doing musically at the moment (current projects etc)?

Working on the day-to-day updates of over 20 websites for bands and other people in the music business, and also taking part in a scientific study to test which brands of chocolate taste best with which types of music. Surprisingly, Ferrero Rochers seem to be in the lead for fast-paced rocknroll, but Paynes' Just Brazils are way up there for power-ballads such as UFO's Love To Love. But of course, much more research is still needed.

2) What were your main personal achievement(s) in 2005?

Seeing the Waysted reunion finally achieve touring status after so much work had gone into that project over the last couple of years, and being part of the team that put Waysted on at the Rock and Blues festival in July and especially at Fin's 'home game' at Glasgow in September and sharing in with the crowd reaction at those shows.
Another personal achievement was being part of the UFO Showtime dvd recording session and European tour. Living on a bus for a month and working 24/7 with my all-time musical heroes and still thinking of them as heroes at the end of it ... that's quite an achievement all round!

3) Any disappointments?

Not being able to get to the Scorpions gig in France where Uli played with them for the first time in 984758967546 years - but it looks like it might happen again, so.... next time, for sure!
Plus the regular ongoing disappointment of seeing talented, hardworking, honest, genuinely good musicians losing faith in achieving the levels they ought to reach in the music world, (and more importantly losing out on the opportunity to achieve their most basic goal of playing in front of an audience) mainly because of the climate of the industry - where venues once pulled in 1000+ people week after week, and now promoters won't risk booking anyone who isn't getting hyped by the media and would sooner go for the easy-money option - so rather than gamble on a band who are innovative and experimental and original they go for the guaranteed bar-take which a COVERS BAND will bring in - don't start me......

4) What were your own favourite albums, films and/or books of 2005 and why?

UFO's Showtime dvd, especially the studio footage of songs such as Cherry, Profession of Violence etc. Everything you could want in a dvd - great tunes, a live gig, a full studio concert, lighthearted behind-the-scenes banter, interviews and jolly anecdotes from the band members, and sleevenotes that were checked over and over and over again for errors (even though a few still made it through) at no extra cost to you.

5) What are you planning musically in 2006? (For non-musos Which releases/gigs are you looking forward to next year?)

Pete Way and Robin George have a new musical project called Damage Control, with a cd due out in 2006. Go to and listen to a soundclip of the track called RAW - stirring stuff!
Also looking forward to The Taz Taylor Band's new cd which will have Graham Bonnet singing on eight of the tracks. Taz is an amazingly talented musician who I'm proud to say has become a good friend of mine and it's great to know that his guitarwork will soon be heard by a much larger audience.

6) In an ideal world which band(s) would you like to see back and touring next year?

I daren't risk answering this one cos knowing my luck, I'd be the one to get lumbered with making it happen. (official sites) and (fansite)
Jay Rusnak (IRON HORSE) –

1) What are you doing musically at the moment (current projects etc)?

Currently IRONHORSE is awaiting the overseas re-release of our last CD "Bring It On" thru Rock Candy Records. The CD will feature different songs than the stateside release, new artwork, a remix, and probably a new title as well. Also, Ron Keel and I will be participating in December in the Rock For Christmas fundraiser shows featuring Ron, Eddie Money, Terry Illous, Paul Shortino, and others.

2) What were your main personal achievement(s) in 2005?

Another year avoiding the shackles of The Man

3) Any disappointments?

Back Surgery--20 years of rock and roll abuse finally caught up with me.

4) What were your own favourite albums, films and/or books of 2005 and why?

Albums--Soul Cirkus, StarBreaker, and Allen/Lande.
Didn't see many movies this year.
As far as books, "Rule Of Four" was a very well-written "Davinci Code"-style historical mystery.

5) What are you planning musically in 2006? (For non-musos Which releases/gigs are you looking forward to next year?)

Following the release on Rock Candy, IRONHORSE expects to tour Europe as well as continue roadwork in the States. Ron and I will start writing for the next IRONHORSE CD sometime this coming year as well. I'll also be continuing writing for a "rock opera/story" album I've been working on, as well as trying to finish a musical instruction book featuring fresh approaches towards intermediate/advanced guitar improvisation.

6) In an ideal world which band(s) would you like to see back and tourong next year?

Rainbow---If we could bring back Cozy Powell from the dead.

Richie Rivera (MADISON PAIGE) –

1) What are you doing musically at the moment (current projects etc)?

Currently we are writing and recording demos for new material that is slated to appear on the second MADISON PAIGE album, due out sometime in 2006.

2) What were your main personal achievement(s) in 2005?

Mainly just getting some relationship stuff sorted out

3) Any disappointments?

It's been taking longer to find new members for the band than I anticipated. But our resolution is strong and we'll be making an announcement about our new lineup shortly.

4) What were your own favourite albums, films and/or books of 2005 and why? Favorite albums:
"Move Along" - All American Rejects
Amazing production and top notch songs. I't emo pop/punk, but with a huge nod to the '80s.

"Have A Nice Day" - Bon Jovi
The kings remembered how to rock! Best thing they've done since Keep The Faith.

"Overload" - Harem Scarem
Not as immediate as their last few albums, but "Afterglow" is worth the price of admission alone. These guys simply aren't capable of writing bad music.

5) What are you planning musically in 2006? (For non-musos Which releases/gigs are you looking forward to next year?)

We're hoping to finalize our lineup and restart the MADISON PAIGE machine: playing shows, releasing a new album, the works. Check out for all the latest!

6) In an ideal world which band(s) would you like to see back and tourong next year?

MADISON PAIGE, of course!

Steve Williams (POWER QUEST) –

1) What are you doing musically at the moment (current projects etc)?

Well, we have just completed part one of our "Live Magic" Uk tour, culminating in appearances at Firefest 2 and the Marquee club in London. We had a great week playing our first shows with Francesco on drums and the response from the crowds were incredible!

Between now and the new year I will be starting to get ideas together for the next Power Quest record.

2) What were your main personal achievement(s) in 2005?

I think the recording, release and reviews of the third Power Quest album "Magic Never Dies". The feedback we have received has been incredible and the new songs have been extremely well received on the live front.

3) Any disappointments?

Not really, no. I guess it is still a source of frustration to us that we have yet to play in Europe but we are working very hard to put that matter we speak! hehe!

4) What were your own favourite albums, films and/or books of 2005 and why?

One of my favourite records has been Gamma Ray's "Majestic" album, a real return to form for Kai and his band of merry men. Awesome record!

5) What are you planning musically in 2006? (For non-musos Which releases/gigs are you looking forward to next year?)

Lots more Power Quest live action and the writing of the next Power Quest album.....should keep me occupied! lol!

6) In an ideal world which band(s) would you like to see back and touring next year?

Van Halen! hehe! Although I guess the chances would be pretty slim. I'd also like to see Cinderella play in the UK.....or at least in Europe!

1) What are you doing musically at the moment (current projects etc)?

I’m currently writing music for a couple of films, “Snow White the Sequel” and JAM”, and I’ve just finished writing music for three series of ‘Monkey Dust’ for American TV. The musical (not as dull a project as you might think) for which I co-wrote and produced songs has just finished a great run in the West End at The New Players Theatre, and a new ‘Jackdaw Four’ album is beginning to take shape, which I will finish when my new studio in France is fully equipped.

2) What were your main personal achievement(s) in 2005?

I successfully maintained an outstanding level of personal hygiene below the waist, spoilt only by a complete disregard for the upper body.

3) Any disappointments?

Every day is a crashing disappointment, but somewhere around 4.30 pm things start to pick up. Something to do with ‘Countdown’ I think.

4) What were your own favourite albums, films and/or books of 2005 and why?

I’m shamed to say I didn’t buy any new albums or books this year, and the films I saw were by and large, unsavory and functional.

5) What are you planning musically in 2006? (For non-musos Which releases/gigs are you looking forward to next year?)

More of the same I suppose. Another record, more music for films and TV to pay the bills. I guess I would like to advance on being a well kept secret. I’ve been described this year as having ‘cult’ status. But for one misplaced consonant, it’s almost correct. Being described as having ‘cult’ status is a polite way of saying no-one knows you exist.

6) In an ideal world which band(s) would you like to see back and tourong next year?

Oh all the usuals I suppose...The Beatles, Hendrix, The Move, Gengis Khan, and Kraftwerk. And I wouldn’t mind an outing or two.

Paul Stead (SACRED HEART) –

1) What are you doing musically at the moment (current projects etc)?

Fine-tuning songs for the next CD and deciding how we're going to go about recording it.

2) What were your main personal achievement(s) in 2005?

Organising the Melodic Rock Xmas Bash - not for the faint-hearted! Continuing to sell "Lay It On The Line" - and really making a mark in the US. And live, we've definately been at our best in recent gigs: London & Hull.

3) Any disappointments?

Just the general lack of support for new rock in the UK by music fans as well as commercial media and labels.

4) What were your own favourite albums, films and/or books of 2005 and why?

Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson, great album. Full of great tunes - both rock and pop. Plus, she has a great voice as is extremely foxy!

5) What are you planning musically in 2006? (For non-musos Which releases/gigs are you looking forward to next year?)

Recording a new CD, gigging - hopefully home and abroad and having fun!

6) In an ideal world which band(s) would you like to see back and touring next year?

Not really fussed to be honest - but if Queen + Paul Rodgers tour again, I'm gonna make sure I pop along. Wouldn't mind seeing Bon-jovi when they hit our fair shores too.

Merry Xmas & happy new year ya'll!








Ian Pollard (GRTR!/Classic Rock Newswire –

1) What are you doing musically at the moment (current projects etc)?

Buying a vastly expensive new keyboard for my daughter as combined Xmas pressie and reward for passing her grade 1 exam with a distinction in record time (according to her music teacher). She's currently trying to fathom the mystical writings in weird keys of a certain Mr. F Mercury... Now, if anyone knows where I can get hold of some Asia sheet music, she'd be ecstatic as they are her favourite band (not bad taste for an 11 year old).

2) What were your main personal achievement(s) in 2005?

Getting myself very prominently featured in the Magnum DVD - Livin' The Dream :-)

3) Any disappointments?

Having to work for a living, and pay a mortgage - really cuts down on the amount of gigs you can go to.

4) What were your own favourite albums, films and/or books of 2005 and why?

Sin City was the best movie by far, Kingdom of Heaven also pretty good. Haven't seen Kong or Narnia yet.
Music: Mostly Autumn - Storms Over Still Water, Thunder - The Magnificent Seventh, Kamelot - The Black Halo, & Royal Hunt - Paper Blood stand out from the crowd in the new release section.
Magnum and Queen+Paul Rodgers are the picks in the DVD department.

5) What are you planning musically in 2006? (For non-musos Which releases/gigs are you looking forward to next year?)

Already booked for Sweden Rock - finally might actually get to see Journey!!! The Dragonforce / Edguy tour should be a riot too.

6) In an ideal world which band(s) would you like to see back and touring next year?

Same answer as every year :-) Floyd and Zep!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Best of 2005...looking forward to 2006

1) What are you doing musically at the moment (current projects etc)?

We only have one more live show this year (on New Years Eve), so we can concentrate on writing for the next studio release, which we plan on recording in January / February and releasing in March / April just in time to tour Europe . But even though we're taking a break from "live" action, there's a lot of "Dog" hitting the streets. Our live cd, "Foamin at the Mouth" is being released by Phoenix-Records ( ) in late December. Also we have two tracks on the "Saint Valentines Day Massacre" cd, which is a Motorhead tribute disc, We did "Rock It" plus we did a duet with Crucified Barbara of "Please Don't Touch" and a video of the song as well, this will be released on December 1st through Bad Reputation ( ) who are also re-releasing our debut cd "Last of a Dying Breed" in February as a double disc, the second cd is a live show from 2000, it also has several studio bonus tracks on it.

2) What were your main personal achievement(s) in 2005?

We released two cd's in 2005, "Scars-n-Bars" and "Foamin' at the Mouth" plus did over 100 shows, and this was done without managment!

3) Any disappointments?

We still don't have an American record deal, which is rather strange seeing how we are selling more units than soundscan is reporting that some of the "major" artists are!....hmmm, maybe it's a good thing we don't have an American deal!

4) What were your own favourite albums, films and/or books of 2005 and why?

My favorite cd's of 2005 are Alice Cooper's "Dirty Diamonds", Nashville Pussy's "Get Some" and Deep Purple's "Rapture of the Deep"
Movie wise Rob Zombies "Devils Rejects" is Excellent!

5) What are you planning musically in 2006? (For non-musos Which releases/gigs are you looking forward to next year?)

We plan on releasing our next studio disc in early spring , followed by tours of The UK!!! Finally!! Lookin' forward to an "Old Peculiar"!!, plus France, Germany and Belgium, then it's back to the States for the summer Biker gigs, then hopefully we'll go back to Europe and mark some new territory. We'd really like to get into Spain, Italy and Sweden.

6) In an ideal world which band(s) would you like to see back and tourong next year?

As long as Motorhead and AC/DC are destroying the Ozone the world is a better place!

Cheers - Skol - Prost
Michael Hannon
American Dog

steve conte
(new york dolls, the contes, crown jewels, company of wolves)

1) What are you doing musically at the moment (current projects etc)?

i'm really excited about making the 3rd new york dolls album.
it's been over 30 years since the 2nd album "too much too soon" came out in 1973 and they were broken up by 1975. i'm writing with david johnasen and sylvain sylvain... and of course will be playing guitar on it (i am filling the lead guitar role left open by the late johnny thunders.)

i am also putting together my 1st solo project, which will be a real live band, not a collection of studio or hired musicians. i've got some great songs and a really cool bass player named lee k. (it's gonna be my 1st band without my bass playing brother john who i've played with since we were kids)

2) What were your main personal achievement(s) in 2005?

i got married!!

we had an amazing wedding party @ the cutting room in nyc with musical performances by the new york dolls, willie nile, marnie rice on accordian singing french songs, members of madjuana playing gypsy reggae, kyf brewer on bagpipes, my dutch-moroccan sister in law bellydancing, my brother and i with crown jewels and my mom singing jazz standards.

3) Any disappointments?

the death of my friend chris whitley.

4) What were your own favourite albums, films and/or books of 2005 and why?

my fave film of 2005 is "new york doll" about the life of our beloved bass player arthur "killer" kane who passed away after our 1st reunion show. it's not a typical "behind the music" rockumentary (although it has plenty of interviews w/ johansen, chrissie hynde, iggy pop, mick jones, bob geldof...and me!) it chronicles the life of a down & out musician who had it all, lost it all, found god in the book of mormon and got his groove back again just in time to leave this world in peace.

my fave cd of 2005 is the soundtrack to "motorcycle diaries" with music by gustavo santaolalla.

my fave book of 2005 was "what's going on" by ben edmonds.
it was actually published in 2001 but i just discovered it this year. it's about the making of marvin gaye's classic album and how he fought against the pressure from motown records and others to see it through with his own unique vision.

5) What are you planning musically in 2006? (For non-musos Which releases/gigs are you looking forward to next year?)

of course i'm looking forward to the recording and release of the new york dolls album (on roadrunner records) and the tour that will follow.

i also plan on recording my new band - which doesn't have a name yet - and dropping our debut cd by the end of the year.

my brother john and i are talking with a big label about doing a rock & roll children's record...that'll be big fun.

6) In an ideal world which band(s) would you like to see back and touring next year?

since this is fantasy: the clash, the (original) pretenders, small faces, xtc, faces, the kinks, the police, the (original) who, led zeppelin, jeff beck group w/ rod stewart, humble pie w/ steve marriot, jeff buckley, prince & the revolution.
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