Sunday, April 30, 2006

THE ALARM, Islington Academy Sat 29th April 2006

Early start and finish tonight (10pm curfew at this venue) menat
the support band Sweet City Fire were well into their set by the
time I arrived. They certinly seemed to be going down well with the
crowd with their brand of indie based guitar rock. Not too bad at
all and they knowheir marketing as they plugged their My Space site
and had some of their fans handing out free 5 track CD's to the
crowd (will play mine & give it a review later on).
After seeing the Alarm just over two years ago (after a mere gap
of 18 years!) I was looking forward to seeing them again especially
after the superb new album, 'Under Attack'. From the off the band
played like men possessed with a real drive and energy.
'Superchannel' of the new album got the night underway and then
the set was littered with Alarm anthems like 'Absolute
Reality', 'Rain In The Summertime' and a rip roaring '68 Guns' - the
damn roof nearly blew off on this one! A short acoustic set by Mike
Peters whilst the audience and the band drew breath before more
anthemic rock 'n' roll. Great to see Mike Peters playing and singing
at the top of his ability and lets hope the music can help someway
in his fight against cancer.
Encore time saw '45 RPM' - the hit single the Alarm had back in
2004 under another name and one that fooled the radio stations into
thinkling it was some new teenage band! Closing on 'Spirit of '76'
due to time constraints although the crowd and Mike Peters breiefly,
started of into 'Blaze of Glory'.
In a word - stunning. Great tunes and atmosphere played by a very
passionate band. Highly recommended to see live!

Jason Ritchie


45 RPM
...and sung by the crowd...

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Drummer Bev Bevan was a founding member of both the MOVE and ELO, the latter went onto massive worldwide success in the 70's and early 80's before calling it a day in the mid-80's. Bevan also drummed on BLACK SABBATH's ill fated 'Born Again' album that featured IAN GILLAN on vocals.
In the 90's he was a founding member of ELO PART II, who featured fellow ex-ELO members KELLY GROUCUTT, MIK KAMINSKI & LOUIS CLARK. They released two studio albums and played a memorable gig at the Royal Albert Hall. When JEFF LYNNE came back with a new ELO album BEV BEVAN left ELO PART II and they had to change their name for legal reasons (hence no answers to Q's 6 & 7 I guess). Nowadays BEV BEVAN hosts a radio show on Saga FM plus tours with BEV

1. What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.)

Touring with "Bev Bevans Move", radio show "Bev Bevan's Jukebox on Saga105.7fm", "Bev Bevan's Retro Rock CD reviews in the "Sunday Mercury"

2. How did get a version of the Move back together and what did it feel like performing the songs live again?

Phil Bates, Phil Tree and Neil Lochwood are old friend's, great musicians and it's great working with them and playing some fine music too.

3. How did you get the opportunity to become a DJ and what do you like best about doing your radio shows?

I approached Saga105.7fm with the idea. I just love playing my favourite songs from the 50's, 60's, 70's.

4. Why do you think ELO are getting more recognition for their music now than they ever did at their peak as the critics in particular were never fans of the band.

Quality music stands the test of time.

5. Who made you want to start drumming? Any one you would love to work with in the future if given the chance?

Rock n roll music of my childhood inspired me – Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Ray Charles, Eddie Cochran

6. Why did you leave ELO Part 2? Were the band happy with how Telstar promoted the first ELO Part 2 album or did you all feel more could have been done?

(No answer)

7. Would you ever be tempted into an ELO reunion with Jeff Lynne, Richard Tandy et al if it was offered to you? (Highly unlikely I know!)

(No answer)

8. Which song(s) do you enjoy performing most live and why?

Of "Bev Bevan's Move" current setlist, the songs I most enjoy playing are "Purple Haze", "Strange Brew", "Need Your Love so Bad" etc.

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Playing Golf, watching football, movies, reading, concerts, exercising my dogs, wine, my wife's cooking!

10. Message to your fans...

Come see the band! Get in touch by emailing

Kind regards
Bev Bevan

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

LOVE/HATE gig review

LOVE/HATE + ZODIAC MINWARP + RATTLESNAKE REMEDY Camden Underworld, London 25th April 2006

Rattlesnake Remedy opened up a three band bill of good time, no frills rock ‘n’ roll and they went down very well with the crowd. They play a sound not unlike the Stones with a hint of Guns ‘n’ Roses and they played their rather good new single ‘Drag You Down’. They seemed pretty tight music wise especially as this was the first date of the UK tour. Definitely a band to go see live and I recommend getting their single which is out next week.
Now Zodiac Mindwarp has been gigging for over twenty years now and had a brief spell of UK chart success most notably with ‘Back Seat Education’ which got an airing tonight. The music is riff driven rock and you can see where Monster Magnet got some of their ides from! Not a bad set but sadly ruined by a bass solo at the end of their set – please no! Good for a live gig but I am not overly tempted to investigate further.
Now every home should have a copy of Love/Hate’s classic debut ‘Black Out In The Red Room’, a real treat packed full of short hard rocking tunes with a punk attitude. The band today features only original vocalist Jizzy Pearl (who also has appeared in the last few years with Ratt and Addler’s Appetite) joined by bassist Robbie Crane (Ratt) and guitarist Alex Grossi (Bang Tango/Beautiful Creatures/Quiet Riot) plus a drummer whose name I didn’t catch! Jizzy Pearl’s voice still sounds as good as it did on the debut and I must admit I don’t know why I waited so long to see this band as they are superb! Despite getting in late with no soundcheck due to Heathrow customs and teething sound problems they ploughed on through a very heavy set. Highlights had to be ‘Rocket Queen’, the sheer sleaze ‘n’ grind of ‘Spinning Wheel’, and ‘She’s An Angel’. Of the newer solo/latter day Love/Hate tunes ‘Lies’ and ‘Tranquilizer’ stood out well. The band played well together with Alex Grossi in particular laying down some killer riffs. A superb encore in ‘Dope’ and ‘Black Out’ –two classic tunes. Jizzy Pearl has lost none of his vocal range nor onstage energy and I would highly recommend seeing his band.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

CREDO update

What are you currently up to (eg recording, gigs etc)?
We are currently in the process of undertaking tour dates with Landmarq and Quidam, as well as being in discussion re some pretty special gig dates, my lips, unfortunately, have to be sealed at this point!

Plans for the rest of 2006...
To sell loads of copies of Rhetoric. We have two successful tours under our belts and have a big chunk of the new album written. I am currently formulating the lyrics, some of the new music that is taking shape is awesome and I can’t wait to get going properly on it

Highlights/lowlights of the year so far...
Highlights, well this year!!! Press and fan response to RHETORIC has blown us away, personally doing gigs when 2 years ago I never thought I would ever get out of a hospital bed again gets me every time, playing with ARENA and KINO has been great, just looking forward to the Landmarq and Quidam dates now….

Message for your fans...
Stay alive, oh yeah and buy the album, and then the T Shirts, and then the old album……

All things Credo

Monday, April 24, 2006

Don’t panic, just turn out the vote on May 4th

The YouGov poll in today's Daily Telegraph is cause for concern but it is not altogether unexpected. In 2004 the BNP received 4.9% of the vote in the European Elections, and this was when the right wing UKIP polled 16%.

Support for the BNP has gone up slightly since then as growing disillusionment with the mainstream parties and the fallout from 7 July and the Danish cartoon controversy play out. What is happening, however, is that people are now more prepared to state their support publicly.

People should not be fooled by the BNP and their racist agenda. While their leaders tour the TV studios claiming that they are no longer racist, a simple look at the BNP's constitution proves this to be a sham. Their constitution clearly states that:

1. They are opposed to any racial integration.
2. Black people can never be considered British, even if they were born here.
3. BNP membership is restricted to people of Anglo-Saxon heritage.
4. They propose an Apartheid-style state in Britain where whites are given priority under the law for jobs, housing and education.
5. The oppose mixed marriages.

Searchlight has identified almost 80 council wards where the BNP pose a risk. Our assessment has not changed in the last week. We, together with activists across the country, have prepared for these elections for the past year. Over the last few months we have identified 33,000 voters who dislike the BNP in 42 target wards. Our job is to turn out these voters. If the majority of these people turn out on 4 May then the BNP can be stopped.

The YouGov poll is a cause for concern, but rather than worry about it people should do the one thing in their power, and that is vote. The vast majority of people are opposed to the racist BNP but this means nothing if we don't get out and vote on 4 May.

Hope will triumph over hate.

Nick Lowles

Next Stoke manager?

Looks like Johan Boskamp will have his last game in charge of Stoke City away at Brighton this Sunday.
As for the next manager it all depends on who owns the club as Peter Coates is trying to buy the club of its current Icelandic owners. Rumoured managers include the return of Tony Pulis (please say this isn't true!), Mick McCarthy, former player Adran Heath and current QPR boss on 'gardening leave' Ian Holloway.
6,000 reduced price season tickets were sold for next season by the deadline set of Friday 21st April - just over a 1,000 down on this time last year. Not bad at all considering fans don't know who will own the lcub leat alone manage it!

Friday, April 21, 2006

JEFF SCOTT SOTO ‘Essential Ballads’

Frontiers (2006)

It still amazes me (and many others) how Jeff Scott Soto is not a bigger household name as he can sing in many styles and has a superb stage presence. If Queen don’t tour again with Paul Rodgers they should get JSS in quick smart. Anyway onto this collection of eighteen ballads, which includes three new songs of which the acoustic refrains of ‘Through It All’ is a real gem of a song. Eighteen ballads in one sitting can seem a daunting prospect especially when you know JSS can rock/funk out with the best of them but with songs this good you can’t go wrong. Personal picks would be the Journey cover ‘Send Her My Love’, the slow builder ‘Holding On’ and the heartfelt ‘If This Is The End’. Only ‘4U’ is one to skip for me. Musician wise you have some top draw talent including Howie Simon, Gary Schutt, Talisman’s Jamie Borger and Ricky Phillips (Bad English/The Babys).
If you have yet to sample the delights of JSS I would suggest you try one of his excellent solo albums and/or Talisman’s ‘Truth’ and ‘Cats & Dogs’ first, just so you get the full range of his musical talents. For JSS fans this collection is worth getting for the three new songs alone plus the rather splendid Journey cover.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


HOUSE OF LORDS ‘World Upside Down’ Frontiers (2006) Frontiers website

House of Lords return with the follow-up to the rather disappointing ‘The Power and the Myth’, a fact which vocalist James Christian wanted to rectify with this release and hence got back with original keyboards wizard Greg Giuffria. The rest of the line-up is completed by Jeff Kent (bass/keys/vocals), Jimi Bell (guitar) and BJ Zampa (drums).
The band have high standards to reach for me as their debut and follow-up ‘Sahara’ are classic albums chock full of melodic hard rock with that pomp edge provided by Greg Giuffria’s keyboards. This album hits those heights and then some! After a suitably grandiose intro full of swirling keys and guitar ‘These Are The Times’ rocks in on a big riff and the distinct vocals of James Christian. There are plenty of good hard rock tunes on here like ‘SOS’ and the superb ‘My Generation’, a homage to the band’s musical heroes. This track features wonderful arrangements and sublime harmonies – it doesn’t get much better than this.
Then of course it wouldn’t be a House of Lords album with some ballads including the title track and ‘Field of Shattered Dreams’ just blows other bands’ ballads out of the water! After a neat acoustic intro the song lifts up in all the right places and again the harmonies hit all the right spots. A special mention to guitarist Jimi Bell, as he fits the HOL sound to a tee – more than a match for Lanny Cordola.
Essential for any fans of the band as they recapture their classic sound but with modern production (everything in its right place and clearly heard). Easily going to be an ‘Album of the Year’ for many.

For fans of…. House of Lords, classic hard rock
Download…just buy the album as it is all good!

MATTHEW SWEET & SUSANNA HOFFS ‘Under the Covers Vol. 1’ Shout Factory (2006) Website

The poptastic talents of Matthew Sweet teams up with Bangles vocalist Susanna Hoffs (they have worked together previously as Ming Tea on the Austin Powers soundtracks) and they cover a collection of their favourite 60’s songs. Joining them is Beach Boys collaborator Van Dyke Parks on keyboards and strings.
Where to start? Well how about with album highlights ‘Monday Monday’ which sounds even better than the Mamas and Papas original! Matthew Sweet as his surname suggests has a very high, sweet vocal tone that combines well with Hoffs. Love’s ‘Alone Again Or’ will delight your ears (very reminiscent of the Thorns or Shaw/Blades although obviously this one has female vocals as well). They do ‘rock out’ though with Neil Young’s ‘Cinnamon Girl’ and ‘Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere’. As befits the pairs vocal talents there get a chance to harmonize on the Beach Boys ‘Warmth of the Sun’.
Fantastic album that just shows that classic songs can stand the test of time and of course that Sweet and Hoffs make a great team. Even better as the title of the album suggests this is just volume one so there is more to follow!

For fans of…. Matthew Sweet, the Thorns, Shaw/Blades, harmony led music
Download…Monday Monday, Alone Again Or, Cinnamon Girl


Guitarist Dean Howard rose to prominence with pop rockers T'PAU and since then has toured with IAN GILLAN, BAD COMPANY and now his own band.

1. What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.) .

I recorded an album about a year and half ago with some of my mates guesting on vocals ie Ian Gillan, Danny Bowes from Thunder and Toby Jepson from the Little Angels also Dave Dommeney, who is the singer of my band. The album is called volume one and is available through Townsend records. We supported Deep Purple about a year ago and we have been doing a few shows of our own. We are currently talking to a couple of record labels with the view of recording volume two.

2. You’re on the new Ian Gillan album, ‘Gillan’s Inn’. Will you be involved in any tour dates to back up this release? How did you first meet-up with Ian Gillan?

I have just played guitar for Ian at the Royal Albert Hall and there might be some more dates later in the year to promote his album, Gillans Inn. I met Ian in 1992 when I joined his band for a world tour. I got the gig because T'pau had just split, so I was available. Ian's co manager was a mate of mine so he asked me if I was interested in the job, obviously I was.

3. How did the Monsters of Rock tour go? Do you think you picked up any new

The tour went well but unfortunately we went on so early that there wasnt a great amount of people at the start of our set but by the end of our short set we was playing to about half to three quarters full; the reception was great at every gig.

4. T’Pau – What were the live highlights with the band? Have you been involved in the reunited T’Pau that toured last year?

It was great fun being a "popstar". It was all our first professional band and then for it to become so big was great, I will never forget it. No I am not involved in any reunions.

5. Which song(s) do you enjoy performing most live and why?

Thats a hard question as there has been so many over the years, but I really enjoyed playing the Purple songs that I played with Ian. Also one of my favourite bands being Bad Company I obviously enjoyed playing their songs. I always enjoy playing my own music.

6. Bad Company – You toured the US with this band. How did the gigs go and why did you leave?

The tour of America was fantastic. We Co headlined with Ted Nugent whom I am a big fan of and we did a bunch of shows with Lynyrd Skynyrd which was amazing. I did not leave, they split up so I had no choice.

7. How did you get your first break into the music business? What piece of advice
would you pass onto budding musicians?

I got my first break by being in the right place at the right time. You need to be persistent, confident and have belief in yourself, play as much as you can and meet as many people as you can. Most of my professional jobs have come my way by being there and knowing people in the biz.

8. Would you like to join a band again or do you prefer having a band under your own name so you can have more artistic freedom?

I like both

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I am currently managing my sons band called For Us She Envies. Getting along to gigs, writing songs for my next album and building up my guitar collection.

10. Message to your fans...

Hope to see you at a show somewhere in the near future. Keep checking out the web site for info and most importantly of all keep rockin' Deano

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

THE LION KING, Lyceum Theatre, London

Now my daughter I s a BIG fan of all things Lion King so after seeing the three films numerous times it seemed only right to go and see this lavish stage show. Well worth seeing as the costumes are nothing short of spectacular! You have people taking on giraffes, hyenas and of course the main Lion King characters. The plot stays true to the original cartoon with a few extra songs and comedy ad libs. Timon and Pumba are particularly good, with both sounding like the film version. Of the music the live percussionists are excellent and the songs are really belted out – some great African tribal music which I personally love to hear.
You can’t fault this musical as it has the lot – strong songs, enthusiastic and talented cast coupled with very colourful and creative scenery. Go and see this show if you get a chance as it is really worth every penny!

Friday, April 14, 2006


Neil Carter was the keyboards/guitar/sax player with UFO during the band's early 80's period and he then went onto join Gary Moore's band for a series of classic hard rock albums. Now he is a well respected music teacher. Visit his his rather good Website and read on...

1. What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.)

Well as far as any of the 'previous life' activities go, none at all but I am about to go to Malaysia to examine and next year New Zealand and the USA. Otherwise it is business as usual with tons of teaching and examining.

2. Since leaving Gary Moore's band you have been a music teacher. What was it like to teach at first and have any of your past pupils gone onto being full time musicians?

Actually I admit I was lousy at first but as ever, enthusiastic, so I got by. No one had ever taught me how to teach so I had to find my way and discover the tools of the trade and get used to preparing candidates for exams etc. I think I know my stuff these days but it took me a couple of years, and also a while to understand how to interact with children and teenagers. I really love it now but for a long time it was hell on earth! I have taught a few that have gone on and in fact one of my past pupils now teaches some kids from my school. So many really talented kids have passed through the College but become doctors/lawyers etc. It is the way of the public school I'm afraid!

3. UFO What were the musical and live highlights of your time in the band?

Musically I suppose the initial album 'Wild and Willing' as I really liked such a lot of the songs on that and it was all 'new'. 'Making Contact', I felt responsible for a lot of that album and am pleased with it on the whole. Live I suppose some of the headlining shows in the USA and Reading in 1980 of course. I had a bootleg sent to me of the Chicago show in 1981 and it is really good. Never thought I'd say that!

4. Gary Moore You played on what many Gary Moore fans would regard as his classic hard rock albums in the 80s. What was it like playing with musicians like Bob Daisley and the late, great Cozy Powell? How did the bands camaraderie differ from UFO?

With Gary I was always aware that ultimately it was his show although it did feel like a band on stage. I suppose my position was a little different as I had the longest serving term and I wrote with Gary. I like to think it was a good partnership. The strange thing is that when I joined his band all the musicians, Ian, Neil and myself had come from much bigger acts but you could tell Gary was on the 'up' and he was always so well respected by other musicians. Working with Bob was always great and Cozy was a fine drummer (albeit rather briefly with us!). Working with Gary was so different to UFO, much more professional and well organized but perhaps not quite so unpredictable!

5. Did you get other band offers after you left Gary Moore and would you be tempted back into working with say Gary Moore or Paul Chapman if the chance arose?

Strangely no.....I wonder why? I suppose it was left 'open' for almost a year afterwards and no one actually said 'that's it, no more rock tours' so I was in limbo, but getting on with life. I did some writing and recording of my own but somehow I had no real desire to carry on. Which, looking back now, I find strange but understandable in a way. I had done such a lot and we had finished on a real high. Why go downwards or start again and I would have had to. I think you would really have to want it badly to do that and I didn't. Added to which money was still coming in from royalties so I wasn't exactly destitute! I have had the odd 'what about it' from both Paul and Gary over the years and I never rule it out but I think I am so far out of the loop now I don't know if I would be any good!

6. Who/what made you want to be a musician?

 I wanted to be on the 'stage' I knew that, but I loved music and played instruments (piano, recorder) from a very early age. My Mum was heavily involved in am dram and I used to ache to be involved in those productions when I was very little. I did so much playing in those things which gave me a good grounding and helped my sight reading immensely. Then one day Bowie came along and that was it. I wanted to be Mick Ronson!

7. How did you get your first break into the music business? What piece of advice would you pass onto budding musicians?

My first break was with Gilbert O' Sullivan when I was 19, until then I had been in semi-pro bands although technically I was 'pro' ˜cos I didn't work and my parents supported me! That came about from our bands guitarist answering an advert as he wanted a 'rock' band to back him. I was the singer but usefully I could play other instruments so I think it helped to 'sell' us. In the course of a 45 minute set I played 7 instruments for him. Slave labour. As far as 'advice' goes I suppose something I have learnt is in order to be successful at anything in life you need supreme self motivation and above all, self belief. It doesn't necessarily take supreme talent!

8. Which song(s) do you enjoy performing most live and why?

Always with UFO the classics especially 'Lights Out' and 'Only you can Rock me because they are such classic rock songs. Gary, hmmmm, I could say the entire set list of the 'Wild Frontier' tour as that really has to have been my favourite period I was with him. If you look at the Sweden live video we were having such a good time and it worked so well live. I have a bootleg of the 'After the War' tour and we look terrified and miserable! (Mind you that was right at the start of the tour with Chris Slade who just about new the songs....just!)

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Well it has been documented before, but I am a Judge of pedigree cats and that is my hobby. I go all over Europe judging although not quite as much nowadays as I am so busy with work. I enjoy it, although I am not sure whether it's cool to say so! I also do a fair amount of arranging these days and enjoy that a lot too!

10. Message to your fans...

For those that hold memories of the things I did in the past and have the albums, thanks for your support and feel free to check out the website as there will be some new stuff appearing from time to time. I really enjoy hearing from you all and thanks to those who have emailed me. Have fun!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

CARL WAYNE `Songs From the Wood and Beyond: Anthology 1973-2003'

Sanctuary (2006) Website

Vocalist Carl Wayne was the singer with the 60's hit makers the Move, then he went into musiclas and theatre for much of the 70's and 80's including major success in the hit West End musical `Blood Brothers'. He made a comeback into rock music circles as a member of the Hollies in 2000 before sadly passing away from cancer in 2004.
This collection features many unreleased tracks, some featuring the highly talented Roy Wood (also a former member of the Move). Of definite interest to ELO fans are his wonderful versions of `Midnight Blue' and `Steppin' Out', the latter features a stunning musical arrangement. `Hot Cars' with Roy Wood is an obvious
highlight as is the choral `Someday', which sees Wayne's voice in the spotlight back by a gentle choral backing. A couple of songs are definite collector/fan only like `Hazel Eyes' but overall this is highly recommended for fans of ELO and the Move. His untimely death was a real loss to music.

IAN GILLAN `Gillan's Inn'

(2006 Dual Disc) Immergent

An album to celebrate Ian Gillan's forty years in the music business and what an album it is! First off it is a dual disc i.e. one side is your standard CD whilst flip it over and you get a DVD. The DVD is a treat in itself with live Deep Purple footage from when Joe Satriani briefly guested with them plus you can chose who solos on `Smoke On The Water' – including Satriani, Steve Morse or Jeff Healey. There are interviews as well plus `making of' footage of the album's recordings, along with a very enjoyable and humorous track by track commentary by Ian Gillan. All this and you haven't even started on the CD yet!
The tracks are drawn from all areas of Gillan's career to date including a rather stonking run through Black Sabbath's `Trashed' with Tony Iommi riffing away backed by Deep Purple's rhythm section of Roger Glover and Ian Paice. Purple purists may well balk at the version of `Smoke On The Water' with its gang chorus (including one of Gillan's musical heroes Cliff Bennett) and Steve Morse soloing like his life depended on it! But personally I think that is what this album is all about, Ian Gillan having fun with his muso pals and laying down some cracking tunes. My personal favourite Gillan solo track `No Laughing In Heaven' sounds splendid on here with Don Airey laying down some neat keyboard touches (although the rhythm guitar part is credited to Fanny Craddock – surely not the 70's TV cook???). Old Purple pal Jon Lord guests on `When A Blind Man Cries' and ironically guitarist Jeff Healey plays on this one as well. Helaey has a lovely blues style all of his own and he really adds to this version with his playing.
Lots of other guests including Ronnie Dio, former Rainbow keyboards player Mickey Lee Soule, Janick Gers (former Gillan guitarist now in Iron Maidden), Uli Jon Roth Joe Elliott plus of course all of the current Deep Purple line-up appear throughout the album.
Simply a great album to play loud and enjoy!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


First and last albums bought & why...
---First album ever bought was KISS--Destroyer at the age of nine because KISS was like a comic book come to life. The most recent album I picked up is The Duke by Jorn Lande......I'm on a serious Jorn kick lately---he's the top of the heap vocally these days and stylistically he's everything I ever wanted to hear from a rock singer.

Album(s) you couldn't be without...

1) RAINBOW--Long Live Rock And Roll
2) GARY MOORE--Victims of the Future
3) JORN--Out To Every Nation
4) JOHN NORUM--Face The Truth
5) BLACK SABBATH--Heaven and Hell

Album(s) in my collection that would surprise people...

Old Frank Sinatra, Tori Amos, Sarah McLaughlan, New Lee Aaron Jazz stuff...

Band(s)/artist(s) you've discovered recently & why they are worth a listen...

Jorn, Evergrey---a lot of stuff over in Europe....the quality of everything is so high--production, material, performances. It's rather inspiring compared to what we hear here in the states. I also was very impressed with Evanescence when they first came out.

First and latest gig attended...
Scorpions--Love at First Sting tour-1984
Yngwie--a few months ago--no bands tour much near where I live now so I went just for the hell of it.

Piece of music/album by myself/band that sums up my sound/band...

For IRONHORSE, I would go with "Haunted Saloon". Very moody and dynamic--blues, country and metal all wrapped up in one. For me--hasn't been recorded yet. Now if I only had acess to Jorn!.........;-)

Album you bought you really wish you hadn't...
Alice in Chains---the Purple Dog/Tripod album

If I wasn't a musician I'd be a...
writer, probably. It's the only other useful skill I have.

Music Matters with JOE GEESIN

Gellow GRTR! reviwer/interviewer JOE GEESIN gives us his lowdon on music that matters to him...

First and lastest albums bought & why...

First: The Motors - Approved By The Motors. Aged 9. Heard "Airport" and loved and have done so ever since.
Last: Saxon's Dogs Of War, the reissue with 2 extra live tracks. Great Great band and their 90s stuff is so much underrated.

Album(s) you couldn't be without...

Too many to mention, my top 10 changes often, but here's a couple
The Motors - anything
Deep Purple - Made In Japan
Gillan - Future Shock
Rainbow - Rising
Eloy - Metromania
Foghat - Stone Blue
Nazareth - No Mean City
Molly Hatchet - Double Trouble Live
Freedom Call - Crystal Empire
Peter Frampton - Breaking All The Rules

Album(s) in my collection that would surprise people...

I have a few by Bad Manners and a pretty much complete Madness collection

Band(s)/artist(s) you've discovered recently & why they are worth a listen...

Rhapsody - a different take on European melodic speed metal. Operatic too. Last 2 albums are partly orchestrated with narration from Christopher Lee. Superb!

First and latest gig attended...

First - Pink Floyd's The Wall at Earls Court, 80/81 ish. Aged 10 or 11.
Last - Dirty Shoes, a classic covers band who do loads of AC/DC and Led Zep

Piece of music/album by myself/band that sums up my sound/band...

My only vinyl appearance is on a Pink Floyd album, sampled as a baby. I think we'll move on from that.......

Album you bought you really wish you hadn't...

I own several truly awful albums because of guest appearances, being a collector and all that.
Examples would be Elkie Brooks' "Minutes" (Zal Cleminson), Julie Felix's "Clotho's Web" (Cozy Powell), and probably a whole host of others. In fact Powell played on some of the best hard rock ever and some of the worst too as a session man.

If I wasn't a musician I'd be a...

How about "If I wasn't stuck in advertising I'd be a musician" LOL

GLYDER update

What are you currently up to (eg recording, gigs etc)?

Promoting our debut album and touring Ireland also doing a dedication to Phil Lynott gig in dumfries in Scotland on 30th April

Plans for the rest of 2006...

Clive aid in doncaster in aid of the Clive Burr MS trust on 26th May, We will be touring France in october and hopefully the UK sometime before the summer is out. Later in the Year we plan to record the follow up to our debut for early 2007 release

Highlights/lowlights of the year so far...

Highlights are releasing the album and Philomena Lynott making a really heartfelt speech at opur album launch, The vibe for Philo in January was also a great moment, The lows were missing out on playing a tour of Holland with Wishbone Ash and the constant wait to get things going

Message for your fans...

Thanks for all the emails , messages from myspace friends, forum members for supporting us and buying the album

My Space

First and lastest albums bought & why...

the adventures of Thin Lizzy because they are awesome and i was blown away the first time I heard em, last one was really a DVD trouble live in Stockholm becuase
Trouble are the most underrated band of all time.

Album(s) you couldn't be without...

Every Thin Lizzy album and Every Iron Maiden album up to Seventh Son

Heaven and hell and Mob Rules by Black Sabbath

Headless Cross - Black Sabbath

Trouble - Manic Frustration

Out of the silent planet King s X

Blizzrd of Oz and Diary of a Madman- Ozzy Osbourne

Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour
Steevy Ray Vaughan - Couldnt stand the weather

Album(s) in my collection that would surprise people...
Sting - Mercury falling great album!

Band(s)/artist(s) you've discovered recently & why they are worth a listen...
Edguy- reminds me of Queensryche cheesy metal but absolutely rockin, The Mob feat Ty Tabor , Kip Winger and Reb Beach - Powerful melodic vocals with really good guitar playing, Foo fighters are around a long time but ive recently been turned on to them BIG TIME

First and latest gig attended...
Metallica back on Justice for all tour, latest was The Australian Pink Floyd

Piece of music/album by myself/band that sums up my sound/band...
Just go out and Buy the new Glyder album I know you want to, ask Jason from he will tell you it ROCKS!!!

Album you bought you really wish you hadn't...
Some Frank Zappa one I cant remeber nbame of that cost me 20 quid to hear a crazy loon rambling on and making weird noise, Not that I dont like some of Zappas other stuff but....Too many albums out there that arent worth the money

If I wasn't a musician I'd be a...
fisherman tumbling on the sea far away from dry land and its bitter memories

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


What are you currently up to (eg recording, gigs etc)?

We just finished recording Led Zeppelin's "Hot Dog", for the cd that goes with Classic Rock Magazine, it's for the Led Zep issue that will be out in July, which will coincide with our U.K. tour, We've also recently recorded 4 songs for Pete Way's next solo disc, We've mailed him the music, which he'll do the singing on. We've also been demoing songs for our next disc and playing a ton of live shows, all this while working day jobs, having no managment or label! Business as usual I guess!

Plans for the rest of 2006...

More of the same keep beating our heads against the wall, playing "Anywhere and Everywhere" , and refusing to die!

Highlights/lowlights of the year so far...

The Highlight of this year so far was a Mini-Tour we did with Broken Teeth that covered a lot of big cities, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, etc.

The lowlight so far has been the consant struggle to get any support in our home-town, we can go 100 miles in any direction and get good gigs, just nothing here at home.

Message for your fans...

Never Say Die! Real Rock-n-Roll is still around you just have to dig a little deeper to find it!

First and lastest albums bought & why...

The first albums I bought were these various artist things they have here in the States, they were buy a company called K-Tel and they had 40 of the biggest hits of the day on them.......but the first "Real" album I bought was Kiss-Alive!, which is still to this day in my top 10 of all time.

The latest...........Just today I got the Lemmy Anthology "Damage Case"

Album(s) you couldn't be without...

There's a lot of 'em, but let'a list a few.
AC/DC - "Powerage"
ZZ Top - "Tres Hombres"
Ted Nugent - s/t
The Godz- s/t
and the entire Motorhead Catalog!!

Album(s) in my collection that would surprise people...

The brass stuff, like the first three Chicago (Transit Authority) albums, Chase, Blood, Sweat and Tears, and Miles Davis.

I have an Allman Brothers "Best of" playing as I type this, but I don't think that would surprise anyone.

Band(s)/artist(s) you've discovered recently & why they are worth a listen...

A co-worker just turned me on to the Cramps, I've been aware of them for a long time but this is the first time I've heard a full cd.

On newer bands , we toured with a group from Sweden called Crucified Barbara who are great, I'm really looking forward to their second disc. I didn't mention they were all female because it doesn't matter they're just damn good.

First and latest gig attended...

The first "Big" show I went to was Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles together!! Fleetwood Mac were on "Rumors" and the Eagles were on "Hotel California", it was in Pittsburgh at Three Rivers Stadium.

My latest was Whitesnake, ...Last Summer in Columbus, which was Fantastc! I don't get out to see many shows anymore as I am playing so much myself.

Piece of music/album by myself/band that sums up my sound/band...

I think "Shitkicker" off our "Red, White, Black and Blue" cd best describes our band and our attitude.

Album you bought you really wish you hadn't...

Being a Compete Motorhead Junkie, I bought a "best of" cd recently called "Deaf Forever", which in the catalog was described as a cd with a dvd side...................pffffttt!!! Another best of Motorhead I don't need, (I have at least 20 of 'em already!) the dvd side is what I was excited about!..........the dvd side on this Bastard is "surround sound" for yer dvd player! BASTARDS!

If I wasn't a musician I'd be a...

a Roadie! cuz I'm a lifer!

Michael Hannon

Monday, April 10, 2006


What are you currently up to (eg recording, gigs etc)?

Done a 4 track demo,"Fanfare" - "Fire" - "Lucky Man" - "Romeo & Juliet" to help the band get gigs.Next gig - Thurs.4 May.Diamond Club,Sutton in Ashfield.(with exploding ribbon controller!)

Plans for the rest of 2006...

Get more gigs............etc......maybe have a holiday this year?

Highlights/lowlights of the year so far...

Highlight - still alive! lowlight - total apathy in the music industry towards live bands,or anyone trying something different!

Message for your fans...

Be Happy..........stay out the music business !!!! It sucks.


First and lastest albums bought & why...

First album was "Tarkus" by ELP.I even had to borrow a record player to play it. The last album I bought was "I" by Patrick Moraz - I spotted the one CD copy in a shop in Leeds.I had the original album back in the 70s,but got rid of it 'cos I wore it out!

Album(s) you couldn't be without...

All the albums featuring major keyboard players !

Album(s) in my collection that would surprise people...

"Tin Drum" by Japan and "Best of" by Thomas Dolby.

Band(s)/artist(s) you've discovered recently & why they are worth a listen...

"Far From The Dance",saw them at Huddersfield Rock Cafe.I think they still need to write that hit single tho'

First and latest gig attended...

First gig - sneaked into St.Georges Hall Bradford - to see ELP in the 70s.Met Emerson backstage tuning up the Moog modular before showtime.I had a mate called Owen who worked backstage and he could get me in to see the show for free! Top !!!! Latest gig - took my girlfriend to see Shania Twain !!!! at Sheffield Arena. Not impressed - giant karaoke doesn't do it for me? 10 people on stage and probably only three of 'em actually playing something? I think that was the "Let's fleece England" part of the tour, judging by the prices on the merchandising.

Piece of music/album by myself/band that sums up my sound/band...

"Pictures At An Exhibition by ELP"

Album you bought you really wish you hadn't...

Can't think of any ???

If I wasn't a musician I'd be .....

something to do with electronics/computers etc.


What are you currently up to (eg recording, gigs etc)?

I just finished recording the 3rd new york dolls studio album, produced by jack douglas (john lennon, cheap trick, aerosmith) with special guests iggy pop, michael stipe & bo diddley. look for it in stores this summer!

Plans for the rest of 2006...

touring w/ the dolls in the usa & europe and unleashing my new band "steve conte & the frequencies" on the world!

Highlights/lowlights of the year so far...

writing songs with david johansen and sylvain sylvain for the new dolls album!

Message for your fans...

keep your ears and mind open for good, new music...

My Space

First and lastest albums bought & why...
beatles '65 and rolling stones "throught the past darkly" were my 1st childhood albums (my 1st 7'' or 45 was "stand" b/w "i wanna take you higher" by sly & the family stone) latest cd i bought was elmore james "dust my broom" box set

Album(s) you couldn't be without...
chris whitley "living with the law"....beatles "revolver"...

Album(s) in my collection that would surprise people...
"queens of country" collection

Band(s)/artist(s) you've discovered recently & why they are worth a listen...
madeline peyroux "careless love"...she sounds just like billie holiday

First and latest gig attended...
black sabbath @ casion arean in asbury pk, nj was 1st....last was ziggy marley @ starland ballroom

Piece of music/album by myself/band that sums up my sound/band...
"goin out west" by tom waits

Album you bought you really wish you hadn't...
plastic bertrand's greatest hit(s)

If I wasn't a musician I'd be a...
horse whisperer


What are you currently up to (eg recording, gigs etc)?

I'm currently touring with Steve Daggett. We've got 20 dates around the UK in April. We've also recorded a CD to sell at the gigs, it's a very limited edition thing called 'Lo - Showbiz' which is a very accurate statement about this tour! We need roadies who are willing to work for peanuts. Any takers?

Plans for the rest of 2006...

More touring up and down the UK, just trying to spread the word so people actually know who I am! More songwriting, and hopefully a totally fun packed and debauched Summer as good as the last one. More gigs also with my new band 'Delphians'.

Highlights/lowlights of the year so far...

Making it through to the final of the song competition. I'm in the running to win the thing, which would be great! A few gigs stick out in my mind from this year too, one at 'The Ent Shed' in Bedford, one at Cherry Burton Village Hall, the new Delphians EP launch at Smugglers in Sunderland and Porters in Bath. They were gooood. Lowlights have been few and far between (I'm touching wood as I type!) but standing in the corner of a grot hole pub being heckled by middle aged drunk women wasn't much fun.

Message for your fans...


My Space

First and lastest albums bought & why...

First album I bought was 'Never Loved Elvis' by The Wonder Stuff. I still listen to it now (although I've upgraded to a CD copy, the cassette snapped!) I just love the songs, great lyrics. 'Mission Drive' is such an exciting tune, it makes me want to jump around like a fool. Latest album was 'The Gulley Flats Boys' by Frances Dunnery. It's a really chilled out kind of album, and his voice is great. I love to hear accents in a vocal and his Cumbrian really gives it an edge. I think it's cumbrian, might be something else...

Album(s) you couldn't be without...

'VS' - Pearl Jam, 'Superunknown' - Soundgarden, 'Grace' - Jeff Buckley, 'Siamese Dream' - Smashing Pumpkins, 'Evil Empire' - Rage Against The Machine.

Album(s) in my collection that would surprise people...

Probably all of the above! A lot of metal and rock considering I'm an acoustic based artist.

Band(s)/artist(s) you've discovered recently & why they are worth a listen...

Jose Gonzalez because he sounds like Nick Drake and Elliott Smith at the same time.

First and latest gig attended...

My first gig was Baz Warne (now guitarist with the Stranglers) at a pub in Sunderland called The Ropery. It was really packed and I immediately decided to become a guitar toting rock god. It still hasn't happened unfortunately....I actually haven't been to a gig in a while, I'm always gigging on the same night as the ones I want to go to! I think it was probably Steve Daggett @ the Smugglers, also in Sunderland. I like pub gigs. Lo - Showbiz.

Album you bought you really wish you hadn't...

'Is This It' by The Strokes. In a word, SHIT.

If I wasn't a musician I'd be a...

mad scientist living in a tall tower watching people through a golden telescope...


What are you currently up to (eg recording, gigs etc)?

Recording new Cry Havoc album, plus an exciting new international project that I started in January, playing bass on David Readman solo album.

Plans for the rest of 2006...

Really finish the three records I am working on, including working with my favourite producer on them. Have also written a record with David Readman which we hope to finalise by the tail end of the year ... a lot of songs, we'll just pick the best ones and go shopping for a deal.

Highlights/lowlights of the year so far...

Still a little early to state highlights - but the involvement of the names on my international project is amazing even me! The band members, particualrly the
guitarist I discovered are quite something else! I think the major highlights are still to come musically, but Celtic winning the league back and finally seeing the
mighty Edguy in Germany make up my general highlights so far. Lowlights - thanksfully none so far!

Message for your fans...

What fans?
LOL! Thanks to all who continue to visit the Cry Havoc website - many thanks! This new record is gonna rock like you will not believe!


THE HEAL news update

What are you currently up to (eg recording, gigs etc)?

We are just putting together the final touches to our summer festival programme and we've been writuing some new material. All details on or

Plans for the rest of 2006...

Lots of gigs at universities and colleges, write more stuff, want to get back into the studio again this year, just trying to fit it in!

Highlights/lowlights of the year so far...

Lowlight has been the gap for exams at uni! One month of no music!!!!
Highlight has been just gettin back to basics. Writing new material and how well people have responded to it.

Message for your fans...

Thanks as always. A driving force behind everything we do!

My Space

BOB DAISLEY news update


What are you currently up to (eg recording, gigs etc)?

A: At present I'm recording some tracks for another "Hoochie Coochie Men" blues album which will feature Jon Lord on keyboards again. Just finished mixing a live Kahvas Jute preformance for a DVD and some new studio tracks too.

Plans for the rest of 2006...

A: Hopefully, we should be able to write/record another Living Loud album when everybody's available this year. Also, a trip to London to record the keyboards with Jon for the Hoochies album. And of course, the release of the Kahvas Jute DVD and CD.

Highlights/lowlights of the year so far...

A: Highlights, see above. So far, no real lowlights.

Message for your fans...

A: As always, just a thank you for being interested in what I do and for support and as often, their kind words.


WILL SMITH interview

Go & see his excellent 'Return to Childhood' stand-up show - very funny and a must see for MARILLION fans!

Why did you want to become a stand-up comic and how did your first show go?

I first wanted to be a comedian when I was six or seven and my dad showed me Laurel and Hardy's "Perfect Day" on tv. I did stuff at school assemblies that was kind of like stand-up, but my first proper stand-up gig to a paying audience was at the Joiners Arms in Southampton, and it went really well - I know it's a better story if it was terrible!

How did the recent Misplaced Childhood tour go? Were you pleased with the reaction you have had so far?

Well the tour's about to start on Easter Monday. I did three weeks in Edinburgh last August and a run at the Soho Theatre in London in February, and it's gone great. It gets a good reaction from Fish and Marillion fans as well as from people born to late to have even heard of them!

How did you first come up with the idea to actually use Fish in the show and what was it like filming the sequences for the show with him?

I'm a huge fan of Fish and have followed his career for years, so I knew he's been getting into acting, plus anyone who's seen him live will know he's very very funny himself. He basically does stand-up in between the songs, so I thought he'd be up for it. I got him to come and see my last show "10 Arguments I Should Have Won" to see what he thought and he not only loved it, but invited me to come and stay and film at his place. We had a great time doing it. I had a rough idea of what I wanted the arc to be, but he came up with great ideas and we kind of busked it up together. It turned out better than I could have dreamt, he's got a real flair for comedy and impro.

Which Marillion gig has been your favourate and why?

That would have to be when they played the Gloucester Hall in Jersey in 1988 - one of the last Fish-era gigs and it was in my hometown. When you grow up somewhere where hardly any bands play and then your favourite band roll up and you're on the front row, it's pretty awesome. It's still one of the best gigs I've ever seen anyone play.

Read the full interview here...

Will Smith on My Space

Sunday, April 09, 2006


What are you currently up to (eg recording, gigs etc)?

Putting together a new band with other Reloaded members Jon Tuck and Lloyd Pritchard, we are currently talking to guitarists. Plus an acoustic solo side project

Plans for the rest of 2006...

Get a new band together and work to get back out playing live again

Highlights/lowlights of the year so far...

Musically, neither yet, it is too early in the year to tell!!

Message for your fans...

Thanks for your patience, the new band will be worth the wait.


First and lastest albums bought & why...
1st Album- Rio by Duran Duran Last-15 by Buckcherry

Album(s) you couldn't be without...
Stones "Sticky Fingers" and "Exile on Main St" Bon Jovi "New Jersey" GnR "Appetite for Destruction"

Album(s) in my collection that would surprise people...
Best of Johnny Cash

Band(s)/artist(s) you've discovered recently & why they are worth a listen... RoadStar/Hurricane Party- well woth catching live if you can. Am looking forward to the debut album

First and latest gig attended...
1st Gig Motley Crue (not saying when as that ages me!!) Last Thunder at Hammersmith Odeon/Appollo

Piece of music/album by myself/band that sums up my sound/band...
"Ain't No Angel"- Reloaded or "You Don't Know Me"- solo track

Album you bought you really wish you hadn't...
Extreme "Pornograffiti"

If I wasn't a musician I'd be a...
nightmare to live with

POWER QUEST news update

What are you currently up to (eg recording, gigs etc)?

Just finished a UK tour with Pagan's Mind following on from the tour with Helloween in February. Currently writing new songs for the 4th PQ album.

Plans for the rest of 2006...

Continue writing ahead of a trip to Norway in August for Ragnarock festival in Oslo. Possibly a couple more shows with Pagan's Mind as well. Then hopefully another tour in the autumn.

Highlights/lowlights of the year so far...

Helloween and Pagan's Mind for sure! No lowlights...unless you count getting persecuted at work by my boss! lol!

Message for your fans...

Thanks to everyone who has been out to see us on the recent tours and bought our
albums and merch. Really appreciate the support and we look forward to seeing you all again later in the year.


My Space

The HEAL - up & coming UK rockers

Christian Williams, Guitarist from The Heal

First and lastest albums bought & why...

The first album I bought was Nirvana- Nervermind on cassette, after I saw them on TV. I think I was 12, and I was totally blown away becuase up until then all I had heard was blues music. I'd never heard anything like it. The most recent album I bought was Menos El Osla, by Minus The Bear, to help me relax whilst I'm wondering around London

Album(s) you couldn't be without...

Senses Fail- Let it Enfold you, Jimi Hendrix- Best Of, U2- Achtung Baby,
Steve Vai- Passion and Warfare

Album(s) in my collection that would surprise people...

Tom Petty and The Heart Breakers

Band(s)/artist(s) you've discovered recently & why they are worth a listen...

Emanuel, this band signed to Vagrant records are really good, energetic, and don't use the same chord progressions as most "Emo" bands. Minus The Bear are a really chilled out, spacey band everyone should listen to. Fat Freddys Drop are a nice chilled out dub band from New Zealand. Good for when your mates come round

First and latest gig attended...

First gig I went to was probably some blues gig I was forced to go to as a baby. The earliest I can remember is BB King. The last one was my own at Farnham College :)

Piece of music/album by myself/band that sums up my sound/band...

What If I Win, becuase it sums up how everyone in the band feels and brings out all of our musical personalities

Album you bought you really wish you hadn't...

Hard Fi- Stars of CCTV, because it helped them overtake us as the most famous band from Staines

If I wasn't a musician I'd be a...

Painter or writer

MILLION update

Over to MILLION Bassist BJ Laneby -

What are you currently up to (eg recording, gigs etc)?

We are writing songs for the new album, it´s looking very promising.

In the meantime, Majestic Rock will release "M.ILL.ION 1991-2006 , The Best so far" a powerpacked compilation album celebrating 15 years since the first M.ILL.ION album was recorded. Some previously unreleased goodies will be on it as well. A song called "Evil Inside" from the Kingsize recordings, "Candyman Live in England" recorded at Firefest last May and the video of "Backdoor Queen". The cover and booklet will be done by Hugh Gilmour who´s done Sabbath, Maiden and Motörhead covers a.o

We´ll do a gig in Växjö, Sweden this coming Thursday April 13. Tony Martin from Sabbath will play as well, so that will be cool.

Plans for the rest of 2006...

Record the new M.ILL.ION album and maybe do some shows in support of the Best of album.

Highlights/lowlights of the year so far...

Lowlights: Looking for a guitarist replacemet for Jonas Hermansson...

Highlights so far: The return of Jonas and the promising songwriting. I´m excited about the new material and look forward to recording it.

Message for your fans...

Thanks for believing in our special mix of hardrock/classic rock /melodic metal. Looking forward to present a new exciting album this year and to see You all on tour. Together we´re the Rock´n Roll Nation, remember!

Always appreciate Your emails. Don´t forget to sign the guestbook at our homepage. Take care, everybody! cheers, B.J



First and lastest albums bought & why...

First: Nazareth´s "Razamanaz", it was my introduction to hard rock at early age. Been a fan ever since!

Latest: Whitesnake´s live DVD /Album. Great stuff, Coverdale is a favourite and the band he has now kicks ass.

Album(s) you couldn't be without...

KISS "Alive", Deep Purple "Made In Japan", Thin Lizzy "Live and Dangerous", Black Sabbath "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", Springsteen´s whole catalogue, Beatles´ Catalogue

Album(s) in my collection that would surprise people...

Bob Dylan, Whitney Houston, Cat Stevens, Eagles... You have to be broadminded and not just listen to the same style all the time

Band(s)/artist(s) you've discovered recently & why they are worth a listen...

Hate to say this, but can´t remember when I got floored by a new artist. To much commercial bullshit, recycling and produced trendfollowing going on. Super extreme metal without melodies and made up so called stars that pose to a dancetrack on MTV ain´t my cup of tea... What the fuck happened to real bands and rock´n roll???

First and latest gig attended...

First gig: KISS, Scandinavium Gothenburg (Sweden) 1976 as a kid. There was a riot and little B.J was very scared.

Latest: My band M .ILL.ION played a show with Statetropper in Copenhagen recently and I´m a big fan of Gary Barden so that was cool. Lot´s of drinks backstage I have to admit...:-)

Piece of music/album by myself/band that sums up my sound/band...

The coming compilation album "MILL.ION 1991-2006 - The best so far" or "Kingsize" our latest album

Album you bought you really wish you hadn't...

Can´t remember any cd I bought being that bad. I´m given a lot of albums and among them there sure are some weak ones, but it would be very unpolite to point them out, wouldn´t it?

I want the vinyls back! Lousy LP´s were at least good for smashing or could be used as frisbees...:-)

If I wasn't a musician I'd be a...

Maybe a promotor or a journalist. Hey, I was pretty good at football too so striker for Liverpool would suit me fine :-)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

New look to blog

Hope it is easier on the eye! Removed a lot of ads, out of date posts, etc. to give a smarter look.
Music wise I have discovered via the delights of EMusic the rather wonderful band ELBOW. Very mellow but weird music - COLDPLAY meets RADIOHEAD.

Another good 'un are THE SHAZAM - excellent pop rock and well worth investigating. Along with fellow pop rock greats WALTHAM, SQUARE ONE & FIVE STAR IRIS, they are bands that deserve huge success.

Finally meldoic rock fans grab a copy of the new LAST AUTUMN album just out on Escape Music Their second album, released last year was frankly a dog but this one is SUPERB melodic rock/AOR. It has already score a 91% review on MelodicRock.Com
Fans of classic EUROPE, TNT, TREAT go by now!!!

LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM ‘Winter In Paradise’ Escape Music (2006)

Last Autumn’s Dream revolve around vocalist Mikael Erlandsson and Fates Warning guitarist Andy Malacek. Their debut album featured 3/5ths of Europe and was a very enjoyable melodic rock album. For last year’s album, ‘II’ the Europe members had left and to be honest the resulting album was very average. Now for album number three they have enlisted Talisman’s rhythm section of Marcel Jacob and Jamie Borger, who provide a very tight backbeat. From the off with the hard rocking opener ‘Love To Go’ you know its going to be miles above the last album. Reminded me of those long lost 80’s greats Skagarak and classic Europe. There are some cracking 80’s synths on ‘Don’t Let Your Love Go Down’ before the guitars kick in and then some! Queen fans will delight at the harmonies and Brian May style guitar solos on ‘Echoes From the Past’, whilst ‘All I Want Is Rock ‘N’ Roll’ is one of those classic hard rock tunes that is so simple in sound and lyrics but you just can’t stop playing it! A really good album and such a change from some of the recent melodic rock releases that are rehashes of the 80’s sound.
A definite ‘must have’ for lovers of melodic rock and hopefully they can keep hold of the Talisman guys for the next album.

Friday, April 07, 2006

GLYDER album review

GLYDER (2006) Bad Reputation

I was lucky enough to be sent a promo copy of the band's debut last year and it easily warranted a four star rating. Having seen the band live as well last summer I can safely safe I am a fan! Now the band have been signed (and about time too) with this album due out in May. It features the production talents of legendary producer Chris Tsangarides, so as you would expect the sound is top notch.
In fact if Thin Lizzy were still going today (I know there is the Sykes/Gorham version but without Phil Lynott it will never be a true Thin Lizzy) they would sound not unlike this album. Some cracking tunes on here including 'Saving Face' and `You Won't Bring Me Down', both mix catchy guitar riffs and melodic choruses. The latter could easily be a single and get some serious airplay. 'She's Got It'is a classic rocker(in fact the opening guitar passage sounds at times like AC/DC's `Thunderstruck'!). The Thin Lizzy vibe pervades over `Colour Of Money' whilst `Takin' Off' hits a catchy groove.
Definitely a band who are worthy of further investigation and although they have a Thin Lizzy sound at times (mainly in the vocals and bass lines), the band are not mere copycats. A very strong debut album and heartily recommended for all fans of classic rock out there.


Interviews galore!


Very talneted singer NATASCHA SOHL and some damn fine photos of the lady as well :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.) Matt - Both! Never even have time to scratch our own arses...
Dave - Touring the U.K and Europe, you gotta love travelling - one of the perks of the job.
Ben - Touring, recording, writing, fucking and occasionally sleeping.
Mark - We're looking forward to the single release, too.

Brief history of how you got into the music business and the style of music you play Lee - The love of blues and wanting to get laid Ben - We play hard blues rock born from anger, frustration and listening to far too much Free and Led Zeppelin!
Dave - Playing instruments when I was younger opened a lot of doors for me to play in bands and hang around long haired ruffians who liked rock... the best way to get started. I soaked up as much music as possible and now I'm squeezing it out!
Mark - Playing guitar's the only thing I've cared about since my early teens, the way I play is influenced by everything I hear and love.

How do you hope to get Rattlesnake Remedy heard above all the other bands and singers vying for attention out there?
Lee - We are the people's band
Matt - By doing what we do: we're a live band and that's how we'll get remembered the best.
Ben - We have no agenda, we just share our love for music with whoever wants to listen, and have a good time everywhere we go...surprisingly that combination is quite infectious.
Mark - Get out there and get in people's faces, if no one knows who you are it's because you're not working hard enough at it.

How do you view the current live scene as regards new bands getting exposure?
Lee - It's hard as fuck, you gotta keep playing and just work hard.
Dave - There's a cool retro rock thing going on with bands like Roadstar and The Glitterati, as well as us, so things are looking up.
Ben - All the big record companies are scared to do anything new, which is why everything sounds so similar in mainstream rock. They don't want to risk losing money so they play it safe. We've decided to go independent so we can do it our way...we're not afraid to stand out.

How has the Internet helped spread the word about the band? Do you think downloading is helping or killing music?
Lee - It's helping us `cause it gets our music out there Matt - I don't understand how bands ever got by without the net!
Dave - It brings us to an audience you ordinarily can't reach so it's helping us out a lot.
Ben - With bands like us, downloading is not as detrimental because we are primarily a live band, so people still want to come and see us regardless. You have to remember that that is what it all used to be music! The Internet helps with sites such as MySpace, you can spread the word quicker than an STI.

You have toured with many bands including LA Guns and Roadstar.
Which tour(s) did you enjoy the most and did the headline bands treat you okay? Who else would you ideally like to go out and tour with?
Matt - Some bands can be dickheads *cough - Malmsteen - cough*, but generally they're cool. They're especially cool when they need to borrow one of our Marshall cabs.
Lee - Every band has been cool. I'd actually like to tour with Oasis. It'd be great to blow `em off the stage, though!
Ben - We have a blast with everyone we meet, I'd love to tour with Velvet Revolver.
Mark - Steve Riley (LA Guns) was cool to hang out with, but that was probably `cause he wanted our drugs...

What bands/artists do you admire and/or are an influence?
Lee - Stones, Aerosmith, Oasis
Dave - Led Zeppelin, Floyd, Free.
Ben - Bands with feel...all the great blues players Mark - Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, early Aerosmith, Pantera....
I could make a big list here!
Matt - We all love the blues, and I'm listening to Reef a lot at the moment.

What have been the highlight(s) and lowpoint(s) of your career to date?
Ben - Touring abroad is one big highlight. Lowpoints usually involve too much beer and a kebab.
Lee - High point: playing shows to people who are up for a good time. Low point: mopping sick up out of the tour-bus.
Dave - Finally realising we could make a damn fine live album, that's the highlight so far.
Mark - High point - getting to play with artists you've grown up listening to. Low point - the kebabs in Finland are shit!

What ideally would you like to achieve by this time next year?
Matt - Plenty more overseas gigs, and hopefully our album will be doing well.
Lee - I'd like to get sucked off by Keira Knightly.
Dave - A decent reception for our debut album - I just want our songs to be heard worldwide, and then go there to perform `em live!
Ben - A reliable wage would be pretty kick-ass!

What's the most rock n roll moment you have had so far?
Dave - Going to Europe if that's rock n' roll - travelling is a big part of what I think rock n' roll is - and doing what we feel like.
We all felt like playing in Finland... so we did it.
Ben - Having a sauna backstage on tour in Finland...and pissing on the coals.
Mark - When our van driver filled our DIESEL van with petrol. We'd just got back on the motorway, ground to a halt in the hard shoulder and ended up having to reverse at about 5mph back to the services. A very Spinal Tap moment. Needless to say we missed the gig.

What CD's do you currently have available and where can they be purchased from?
Ben - We had a limited edition tour EP that we'd be selling at gigs but we sold out everywhere we went an they're all gone already! The debut single will be released in UK & Ireland May 1st 2006, available in all good record stores!
Mark - The album will follow shortly.

Message to your fans...
Matt - Buy a t-shirt...we're poor!
Ben - I promise I'll last longer next time...
Dave - Buy our single you'll love it, see us live you'll love it!
Get close enough to smell us... then regret it!
Mark - Don't piss up an electric fence.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

QUEENSRYCHE `Operation: Mindchrime II'

Rhino/Atlantic (2006) Band website

The follow-up to one of the metal/rock genre's finest albums `Operation: Mindchrime' that was released back in 1988 – my how times flies! In between times Queensryche's fortunes have risen (via the marvellous `Empire') to falling to the poor selling and frankly very average `Q2K' album. So there is a lot riding on this release and does it deliver? Just ever so! Taking the story on from where it left off looking at the fate of Nikki and how after all these years his thoughts of revenge would be bottled up and how this would affect him. Pamela Moore is back recreating her role as the whore turned nun Sister Mary (although in spirit form as Sister Mary was bumped off in the original album). Then of course Dr X gets a voice and what a voice as Ronnie Dio takes on his character.
Musically it is very similar to the original less the very 80's snare drum sound so popular at the time and there is a very good use of strings throughout the album, especially on the grand instrumental opener `Freiheit Overture'. Song of the album though has to be the vocal trade off between Geoff Tate and Ronnie Dio on `The Chase' – simply stunning. `I'm An American' is a no holds barred rocker and the lead single. The lyrics are tinged with irony and it is not the all out patriotic song you'd expect from the title. Pamela Moore takes the limelight on `An Intentional Confrontation', whilst `Murderer?' gets the listener thinking. I won't spoil the outcome of the album as it does answer some questions left open from the first album but then does open a whole load more!
Musically the band are on top form, with Scott Rockenfield in particular drumming up a storm when needed. Simply buy this album and enjoy, that's all you need to do.
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