Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New albums worth a lsiten...

Some very good albums out there at the moment including...
House of Lords who are back to their classic hard rock sound and fans will love this one.
Wolfmother another band steeped in a 70's rock sound and there are some wonderful progressive rock moments on the album too. Lyrically though they are literally away with the fairies!
The Answer are a young band with Led Zep influences but for me its not quite a classic, still worth getting though. But for me Glyder beat them hands down with their Thin Lizzy influenced rock.
Finally the new Newman album is out now on Escape Music. He palys damn fine melodic hard rock with no frills and plemty of catchy riffs.
Got the new Widespread Panic album today so will give that a spin...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Coates takes over & Boskamp's new job

Peter Coates today formally regained control of Stoke City and in the process wiped out much of the club's debt. He also stated he would keep the wage budget as it was and would not force the new manager to sell players. We shall see...
As for the new manager it looks like Pulis (no!) or possibly Gary Megson - not a favorate at Forest but he did okay in his brief tenure previously at Stoke. Outside bet is Brian Kerr with Lou Macari as Director of Football. John Rudge , the flat capped ex-Vale man is still on 'gardening leave' but likely to have some role under Coates new regime at the club. How about groundsman :)
Meanwhile, former manager Johan Boskamp is now the new manager with Belgian side Standard Liege. I shall follow that teams fortunes with interest next season. Good luck Boskamp!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

10 Q's with James Christain (HOUSE OF LORDS)

James Christian is the vocalist with melodic rock band House of Lords, who have just released possibly their best album since their debut album via Frontiers. He has also recorded two solo albums that are well worth tracking down.

1. What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.)

Right now we are getting ready to tour in Europe and return the the States to do more dates. it is long overdue

2. Could you take us through the songs (e.g. ideas behind the songs) on the excellent new album please…

The songs for this record we written specifically for this project. There are no old tunes here. Just a fresh approach the traditional sound of House of Lords.
Every track tells its own story

3. How did the FireFest show go and why did you decide not to use the line-up on the last album on this new album? Any plans to release the FireFest show on DVD and CD at all?

It was great. It felt so good to be back onstage after a very long time. The reason I did not use the original line-up is that we really had some musical difference going on and there was no way "World Upside Down would have ever been made with that line-up.

4. Did you expect the debut HOL album to be still held in such regard all these years later?

I am happy that it is still a popular record. I am very proud of the work we have done in our long career

5. Why did HOL break-up back in the mid-90’s? Do you think having new members one each album added to the band’s overall sound or in hindsight would having a stable line-up maybe have led to more success? Do you still keep in contact with any ex-members of the band?

The band broke in the 90's because of the arrival of Grunge Music on the scene. Just like that, The melodic sound was no longer popular. there was no point in doing a record if we would have trouble getting it out there. So after 10 years there seems to be more interest now. I do keep in contact with the other members. We will always be friends

Read more here

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Not seen or heard any Landmarq before tonight's gig although I have read reviews ect about them. Fronted by Tracy Hitchings (and including keyboards player Mike Varty who is also in Credo!) they played an enjoyable set of progressive music. Nothing that would really make me rush out and buy one of their CD's it has to be said but you can't fault the musicianship on display and 'Angel Coming Home' was certainly a stand out in the set.
Credo were back at Stripes following their CD launch gig last November and the set this time was all taken from the rather excellent 'Rhetoric' album released last year. Kicking off with the air keyboard friendly 'The Game' it was a very enjoyable set. Even the sound gremlins couldn't stop the music (and full credit to the PA wizard Tim who kept it all running). 'Skin Trade' and 'Turn the Gun Around' really suit the live environment (not easily achieved with some prog rock music). Like Lanmarq, you just marvel at the musicianship on display from the watertight drums, rock sold bass coupled with immense keyboard runs and some very stlylish guitar solos that never outstay their welcome. Defintely a band to go see live and buy 'Rhetoric', easily one of the best 'classic' sounding progressive music albums of the past few years along with Arena, Kino and Presto Ballet. Good news Credo are back in September with Polish porg rockers Quidum.

Jason Ritchie


Friday, May 12, 2006

Karl Henry set to leave & Pulis return draws nearer?

Out of contract Karl Henry is possibly being lined-up by QPR. If he did move Stoke would be entitled to a fee due to his age. He's not a bad squad player but unlikely to develop much more at Stoke to be honest.

Meanwhile as the Coates takeover rumbles on in the background the new manager seems to be the return of Tony Pulis. Two young players have sung Pulis's praises in the local press recently and of course Coates is a fan of Pulis's mangerial style (it ain't pretty to watch but does grind out the results). If Pulis does return expect a flurry of transfer activity and lots of hard working, tall defenders and workmanlike midfielders to arrive. Plus say bye bye to Hoefkens & Bangora no doubt.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Coates looks set to takeover Stoke City

The Icelandic consortium and Peter Coates have agreed in principle to Coates taking over Stoke once more (he originally sold it to them in the first place). Mind you it could all go pear shaped in typical Stoke fashion. It should be completed in two weeks time.
On the rumoured manager front, former manager Gary Megson seems a strong rumour, as Coates has always stated he wants an English manager. Megson was ironically manager prior to the Icelandic takeover and was sacked to be replaced by Gudjon Thordarsson (now at Notts County). Megson was frankly pants at Notts Forest although he did okay at West Brom. As long as it is not Tony Pulis or John Rudge I will give any new manager a chance...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bye bye Boskamp

Seems Boskamp is no longer Stoke's mansger asfter our 5-1 pummelling of relegated Brighton. Hughlight had to be a hat trick by youngster Rooney - no not that Rooney but young Irishman Adam Rooney. A definate one to watch although doubtless in true Stoke tradition we will sell him if he seems any good...
Goalkeeper Ed de Goey won't be at Stoke next season as he has left after his contract ran out and loanees Paul Gallagher & Junior have returned to their respective clubs.
So we await a) who will be owning Stoke next season and b) who will be manager.
Coates is still odds on to take control of the club with Tony Pulis his seemingly favoured manager (please NO!!!). Mick McCarthy & Ian Holloway still keep getting mentioned. Either way we need someone soon so we can plan for next season.
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