Thursday, February 24, 2005

I've just walked past Dr Who!!!

I am lucky (?) enough to work in central London so you do see a few famous faces and today I walked past a Timelord! Yes it was Tom Baker - huffing & puffing his way down the road near Trafalgar Square with some shopping. Do Timelords shop???

Last week I saw that perma tanned ponce Dale Winton posing for photographers outside the Ivy resturant. Never has anyone with so litle talent gone so far...

Other 'celebs' spotted this year include twitcher and Goodie Bill Oddie browsing the jazz CD's in Virgin Oxford Street and Mike Reid (ex-Eastenders) looking like an East End gangster carrying a silver steel briefcase and wearing a John Motosn approved kaftan. Never have liked him since he presented that kids TV quiz 'Runaround' and he scared me witless with his voice.

More as I see them!


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