Wednesday, February 16, 2005

New hunting laws in force this Friday

The latest appeal by the pro-hunt Countryside Alliance has been rejected and it looks as if hunting animals with dogs will become illegal from Friday 18th Feb in the UK. It's been a long campaign & its good to see hunting getting moderated.
I am not against 'drag' hunts (whereby a false scent is laid and the dogs/huntsmen chase after this trail) but the frankly evil practice of 'blooding' on first hunts and the cruel way in which (mainly) foxes are killed is abhorent. Don't be fooled by pro-huntsmen and there 'way of life' speeches. They can easily carry on with other, more humane types of humting. After all its the thrill of the chase that's meant to be the attraction.
What amazes me is that many of their supporters haven't even lived in the countryside. My local councillor has pro-hunt stickers in his car - even though he lives in west London and was bought up in Wandsworth! So he really knows the issues and has experienced the country way of life - not! Mind you what else woud you expect from a Tory :)


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