Monday, February 28, 2005

LIESGANG/WHITE ‘Visual Surveillance of Extremities’

LIESGANG/WHITE ‘Visual Surveillance of Extremities’ ESM 122 Escape Music (2005)

Interesting pairing this with guitarist Bill Liesegang hooking-up with vocalist Doogie White (Cornerstone/Rainbow). Put simply those who hanker after Rainbow and classic hard rock will be very pleased with this album (and of course the fans of the excellent Cornerstone). Opener ‘A Prayer For The Dying’ could easily be a Rainbow song of today, right down to the Blackmore styled guitar riffs. ‘Snake Eyes’ takes it one further (with a backing riff that sounds uncannily like ‘Star Struck’!) throwing in classic Deep Purple nuances. The repetitive guitar riff again reminds you of Rainbow. Another Rainbow connection has to be Liesegang’s guitar workout on the instrumental based on the classical music of Vivalidi. ‘Last Temptation’ could be an Ozzy solo track and is the heaviest track on by far. ‘New Addiction’ mixes rock bombast with some almost soulful high pitched vocals – a great mix and possibly the best vocal performance on the album.

Sure it’s not original in parts but it is just so damn good you can’t help but smile and lap it up. If this album doesn’t highlight what an underrated vocal talent Doogie White is then nothing will.

Pretty damn essential for lovers of classic hard rock.


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