Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Puple Party

There was an interesting ‘mockumentary’ last night on BBC3, whereby former ‘Changing Rooms’ presenter Lawrence Lleweyn-Bowen started his own political party, the Purple Party. He was campaigning around the London borough of Greenwich with a manifesto based on saving and revamping heritage & improving the local environment. All the stereotypes were on display including the OTT camp PR man and a local who kept verbally attacking LLB wherever he went. To add kudos to the whole thing a few famous faces were asked to comment on his chances including Jonathan Aitken and Sir David Steel.

Not quite sure what the whole point of the programme was though but an interesting hour of TV. Some of his policies weren’t that crazy including increasing green spaces near dense housing areas but I am sure the tea-time bobbie idea (whereby your local policeman spends an hour week with locals over a cuppa) will ever catch on…

Purple Man


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