Monday, March 07, 2005

YES `Yesspeak Yes Acoustic – 35th Anniversary Edition'

YES `Yesspeak Yes Acoustic – 35th Anniversary Edition' (DVD) Classic
Pictures (2005)

Here you get last year's number one bestselling DVD `Yes Acoustic'
plus `Yesspeak' the live show broadcast to 35 US cinemas last year.
You just can't fault the music on here from the epic strains
of `Heart of the Sunrise' through to `Long Distance Runaround' that
gets a new life in acoustic form. With the line-up of
Anderson/Howe/Squire/White/Wakeman you have arguably the best Yes
line-up. The photography is to be commended in this DVD as well –
clear shots of the band and zoom ins on band member's solo spots.

Bonus features include the trailers for the DVD from last year
plus a backstage view of the rehearsals, narrated in style by Rick
Wakeman. Wakeman's commentary had me laughing out loud in parts – if
he never made it as a musician he would surely have made top draw

If you're a Yes fan go get this now!


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