Monday, March 07, 2005

SURVIVOR `Eye Of The Tiger'

SURVIVOR `Eye Of The Tiger' SonyBMG (2005)
This album marked Survivor's sales peak, driven by the US and UK
number one hit single `Eye of the Tiger' (although for me
1984's `Vital Signs' was their best album overall). The line-up here
features original vocalist Dave Bickler (sporting a dodgy Frank
Spencer style beret on the back cover!), who left the band after this
album plus the core of guitarist Frankie Sullivan and Jim Petrik. As
for the songs well bar `I'M Not That Man Anymore' everyone is a
melodic rock gem from `Silver Girl' (featuring some awesome soloing
from Frankie Sulllivan) to the ballad `Ever Since The World Began' –
why not put this on the endless soft rock compilations for a
change? `Feels Like Love' rocks like a good `un whilst the title
track maybe overplayed but it is still a great song.
This re-release is re-mastered but sadly no bonus tracks. If
you've not got this album in your collection just one question – why


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